TWITL – week twenty-nine – movie & concert edition

the unbidden thrill
the slow realization
this means something more

At the Brantley Gilbert concert in my Tyler Rich shirt...
in my Tyler Rich shirt at the Brantley Gilbert concert

STAR TREK BEYOND – First, we all know I’m a Star Trek fan, right? Good. And second, I am very inclined to LOVE anything Karl Urban does. Glad to have that out of the way.

Suffice to say, I LOVED STAR TREK BEYOND. I loved the first movie with the current crew. I enjoyed the second movie. This third movie gave us more character moments along with great sci-fi action and I LOVED it. I thought it had a good plot, great action, and fantastic character moments… It was awesome seeing more of Karl as Bones. He had great lines and seriously has just gotten better with age… There were some tearful moments for me, some intentional (plotwise) and others not (Anton Yelchin… this says better what I can not, though with some spoilers, so…). It was hard to watch Anton as Chekov knowing that he was gone and shaking that spiritual fist at the Fates for taking away such a talented light. ::sigh:: But I loved how his bits of the movie made me laugh a little even beyond the grief. So I’m glad that this movie had more character moments because we got to see a little bit more of Chekov beyond him working on the Enterprise… All in all, LOVED this movie. I definitely recommend it!

Earlier this week, the hubby asked if I would like to go to the Brantley Gilbert concert. I said, ummm, SURE! If we can swing it, I’m always up for a country music concert. This would be the first time we’d be seeing any of the acts of this particular show (Colt Ford and Justin Moore were the openers), so adventure!

Before the show we met up with my friend Joanne and her daughter Kiersten (aka thegirlwiththepurpleguitar on Instagram) at Sports Page, a bar and grill just down the street from the Shoreline Ampitheatre. Great pre-concert stop! We hung out, had drinks (well, us),played Tyler Rich on the TouchTunes jukebox. It was my first time meeting Kiersten after following her online for about a year. She’s a cool ten year old!

Brantley GIlbert at the Shoreline!

Our seats were in the VIP box area, our first time in such seats and at a really great price (budget considerations were definitely part of the decision). Our tickets came with our own entrance to the venue, food in the VIP area, and concierge service at our seats. How awesome is that?! It was pretty awesome. Oh, and the view of the stage was pretty cool too.

view from our seats

Joanne and Kiersten had meet and greet passes for Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbert, as well as the pre-show acoustic with Brantley, so we parted ways after we got our tickets at Will Call. Joanne ended up with getting an extra M&G pass for Colt Ford that she gave to me just minutes before he came out then a very nice lady gave her extra pass to the hubby. So we both ended up taking a picture with Colt Ford! Thank you Joanne & lady in the line! (Also, we cut in front of everyone because J & K were front of the line. Ooops!)

with Colt Ford
the Nobles with Colt Ford

And now to the actual concert!

Colt Ford – Very enthusiastic and rockin’. We had watched his videos on Vevo, so at least his music wasn’t totally unknown to me. Still, I didn’t know the words to any of his songs but I did enjoy his performance.

Justin Moore – Totally entertaining and energetic. He looks a bit old school but his music definitely has that rockin’ edge. Great vocalist and so genuine. Some of his songs were familiar but again, I didn’t know any words to the songs. Loved his set!

Brantley Gilbert – You know how you just sometimes you like the bad boys? Yeah, that’s the vibe I have for BG. He does a great job of balancing that bad boy tough and gentleman sweet. He feels like the kind who knows how to kick it cool, be a good guy, but mess with him and he’ll show you what a mistake that is. I’ve liked his music over the years without really delving into fangirl mode. He’s definitely more rock in his country and all the bass and guitars just thumps all the way to your heart. Everything about his set just ROCKED. I knew the words to a lot of his songs and I was on my feet for most of his stage time. His encore of “Bottoms Up” featured Kiersten on stage for the last bit and bidding us good night at the end. SO COOL!!!

All in all it was a great time! VIP boxes are the way to go at the Shoreline Amphitheatre. The concert was great. Loved being able to hang out with Joanne and Kiersten for a bit… I realized after the concert that my music listening these days involve pretty tame music compared to what we heard Friday night. I must remember to listen to more diverse music, eh? 😉

Oh, and yes, I wore my Tyler Rich shirt to a concert in which he did not perform. I wonder if I was the only one there sporting Tyler Rich gear…