TWITL – week twenty-seven – vacation edition

when the world is dark
so very dark
sometimes it’s hard
so very hard
to hold tight to the light
when despair intrudes
tearing at peace
so relentlessly
hope cannot break down
even as we struggle
to hold tight to the light
when love turns bleak
we guard our hearts
against it all
standing against it all
defiant and true while trying
almost desperately
to hold tight to the light

Oh this world, this country. I do not and will not engage in world event discussions on social media. At most, I might repost an interesting view in which I likely agree. But in my own words? I’d rather not post, especially if it is political or racial.

Here, however, I will take a moment to say a thing or two.

I consider myself pretty moderate about many things and conservative in others. I strive on the side of intellectual pursuits. I believe that life is precious. I see and despair the inequalities we still seem to suffer in this wondrous and modern age. I never feared for myself but recent days have ignited the realization that there are people out there giving voice to their racism in dangerous fashion. Having worked the civilian side of law enforcement, I feel always connected to the good and just officers but I know people are still people whether they wear the badge or not and some of them shouldn’t be allowed to wear that badge if they don’t understand its purpose at the essence– PROTECT and SERVE. As a non-white person, I know some people look at me differently. Or maybe I’m given license because I’m married to someone white? I’ve been accused of being racist. I think one of the most dangerous mentalities prevailing in this world is “us vs them.” I have an idealist and positive attitude that is constantly tested yet I try to hold on to the optimism and joy. I refuse to cower because of the fear mongering and hate. I will laugh, I will love, I will cry, I will mourn but I will not let petty, hateful minds try to break my peace. I will do better. I will fail. I will succeed. I will live.

And that’s all I’ll say about that…

Onward to happier things!

with Tyler
with Tyler on Thursday night

This week was vacation time! No work for a whole week. GLORIOUS! And I got to see Tyler, so even better.

MONDAY – 4th of July we spent with my cousins. Always such good times with them. My cousins’ kids are growing up fast and it’s always great to spend time with them whenever we can. We watched the fireworks from the hill behind my cousin’s house. Great spot!

TUESDAY – A sort of lazy day which included me unboxing my new Kindle Paperwhite! No excuses now for not reading more when I can read with a device that has a backlight. LOL
unboxing of my Kindle paperwhite

WEDNESDAY – We headed out to Modesto to put the car through the Prime Shine. Yes, we drove all the way out to the Central Valley for a car wash. But seriously, Prime Shine rocks. Why do we not have those here?! We had lunch at the Twisted Pig and it was awesome! First off, I got to play Tyler’s “California Grown” on the TouchTunes jukebox. FINALLY! Second, the food was really good. After lunch, we went to the mall. I miss malls. It was nice just walking around in someone else’s air conditioning. LOL Our last stop was Bass Pro Shop. LOVE that store. Also love that they actually have shirts in my size. Nice.
Lunch at the Twisted Pig
DLTE = Duck bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Egg = DELICIOUS

THURSDAY – This time we headed out to Rohnert Park. We first stopped off at Lagunitas (FINALLY!) and had a drink or two. I had the stout and it was so good!!! Also, it was quite strong. We hit the gift shop and didn’t walk away empty handed. Did I mention that my stout was really good?
me and my Lagunitas stout

We almost went to In-N-Out for dinner but instead had El Torito because neither of us have had El Torito in ages. It was so good. And I was so full from my stouts that I couldn’t eat all my food. Dear me!
dinner at El Torito

The G-Bar was our destination. It was GREAT seeing Tyler again. He sounded great, of course. I don’t think I can ever say enough how much I adore him. He’s a talented singer and songwriter and cute to boot. (But please, don’t boot him.) It was also great seeing the regulars I know. I snapchatted most of his first two sets. We left before his last one because we were tired and had a long drive ahead. Alas. But of course I got my hugs and pictures with him. I also got a new hat that I’m probably going to sport a lot.
New Tyler Rich hat

“The Arrangement” – This story has been coming out of me in steady fashion. I’m glad for the bit of focus. The characters have taken a slightly different direction than I intended but I’m trying to stay the course even though they just want to jump in to the intimacy sooner than I’d like…

“Rebound” – I’m considering doing this story for November Novel Writing Month, which means not actually writing scenes for it. So perhaps I’ll just do a lot of outlining and character sketching. We’ll see. It’s not like I don’t have a few other stories that need finishing (including last year’s NaNoWriMo).

The Walking Dead – Hubby was binge watching this show and I watched a few episodes here and there. I watched the last episode of the latest season because I knew Jeffrey Dean Morgan was in it. What way to introduce the character! He had so much dialogue it was pretty amazing. His character is quite evil at this point. And lo, that cliffhanger!

I might write more this weekend. We shall see.

Go with love, my lovelies.

I leave you with the following video of my favorite with his friend performing in Old Sacramento. Beautiful rendition…

James Cavern & Tyler Rich – “Let It Go”

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