TWITL – week twenty-six

you say it isn’t love
no, how can it be
even as your heart beats
faster every time
I smile and say your name
you say it isn’t love
no, how can it be
even as you lose yourself
in hopeful dreams
where I laugh and say yes
you say it isn’t love
no, how can it be
even as you take my hand
move closer to me
hold me closer to you
you say it isn’t love
but what else can it be
when you smile and say my name
holding me close
after I say yes

Office companions
the office companions

Happy July! I’m officially on vacation now for a whole week. GLORIOUS! And as such, my office companions (seen above) have been put away so as not to tempt anyone into either playing with them or absconding with them. I’m sure no one would touch them but why take the chance, right?

Tyler Rich – Rebound

Tyler posted the above video this week. SUCH A GOOD SONG. Take a listen. I hope this means he’ll post more original stuff in the coming days. I want MORE! Always more. LOL


“The Arrangement” – For some reason, I am full-on with this story. Most of my waking hours since I’ve been off from work has been writing this story about Jackson and Tala. What happens? Maybe someday I’ll share it. I’m enjoying the writing of it so far…

“Rebound” – Inspired by Tyler’s song, this story just plotted itself the other day and as soon as I finish the other story, I’ll work on this one. Or maybe I’ll save it for November? We shall see.


Hope everyone has a great 4th of July! Be safe, have fun, be merry!