TWITL – week thirty-three

we don’t say
we need the words
we don’t confess
we feel something more
how every whisper
races the pulse
how every kiss
promises forever
we can’t say
we want the words
we can’t confess
we know this is more
with every smile
curved unbidden
with every touch
sparking desire
we won’t say
we need the words
we don’t confess
until this is more


“The Arrangement” – I’ve been steadily writing this one. I think I’m at about the halfway point? Almost 40K words which is pretty good for me considering it’s not National Novel Writing Month. I really do love the characters. They don’t know it yet but they love each other. Well, maybe they’re starting to realize this truth. I don’t think it’s ever taken me about 100 pages to get my characters to the bedroom. Go me? LOL But now they’re way into it. I need to dial it back on those scenes. Just a little bit.

Sometimes I wish I wrote more privately so that I can just unleash the venom that lurks inside of me. No, this is not about my recent drama. This is about that person I call the SAB. She’s a whack job. I wish people who defend her and laud her for being a good person would look at all the actual good people who have turned away from her. And then wonder why. Why have these good people finally washed their hands of her? She’s a fake, disrespectful and deceitful and ungrateful. Everything is someone else’s fault. She can’t fathom taking responsibility for her own actions. I do so pity the people who believe her. They are deceived by her. They choose to ignore the ugliness in her…

So a year ago yesterday we saw Tyler for the first time at the G Bar. Has it already been a year?! I still remember a little bit of that night. I LOVED being so close and having a chance to just chat with Tyler. So lovely.

The next day, we went to the Dierks Bentley concert! Did we really do that? Such a fantastic concert and I still remember it well. 🙂

at the Dierks concert

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