TWITL – week thirty-five

it’s almost time
to say the words
to give this heart
its proper due
it’s almost time
to take your hand
to whisper love
you know is true
it’s almost time
to hold you close
to face the world
on this crazy spin
it’s almost time
to just let go
to trust your heart
is already in

just another me and Tyler pic
Tyler & me the other night

It was an interesting week, looking back on it. So how about a little rundown?

pinot grigio just for me
TUESDAY – After work I joined my fellow workmates to wish my boss farewell on his new adventure– a position with another district. I am super sad that he’s not my boss anymore but I’m so happy for him too! It was great to sit with everyone and just relax while stories were told. We had drinks and appetizers and I managed to stay until the end, which was really nice. I am going to miss my boss. We had a great working relationship.

the empty office
WEDNESDAY – This was his actual last day and at the end, his office became the empty office (as pictured). SO SAD! Who will next sit in that chair? We’ll find out soon, I hope.

[flickr video=29421014626]
Tyler singing Sam Hunt!

FRIDAY – I took the day off (the last day off okay’d by my boss) and we headed out towards Rohnert Park. We first stopped in Petaluma at the Lagunitas brewery for a couple of drinks. I like that place! Plus the stout is pretty yummy… We checked in at our room then went out to dinner. It was a little disappointing (Outback) and it made me appreciate our Black Angus so much… We ended our night at the G Bar and Tyler was GREAT. He sounded fantastic. We were in what I consider our “usual” table and it was just lovely being able to watch him sing and play. As always. Met a new person who is just the very sweetest and so lovely! I like her. I hope we see her again because I didn’t get a picture this first time meeting her. (Didn’t want to seem too keen.) At the end of the night, Tyler chatted awhile with us and it was probably the longest conversation we’ve ever had. So cool! I adore him, I really do.

SATURDAY – After we checked out, we decided to visit the father-in-law. The Sacramento Valley National Cemetery is nicely situated and the FIL’s final resting place is in a good spot. I can’t believe it’ll be five years in a couple of months. It’s still sad that he’s gone…


After the cemetery, we headed to Heretic for a bit of lunch and beer. I had the pork loin sandwich and it was so good! I had a couple of beers, one of them being my favorite, the Torment. SO GOOD! We bought a small growler of it because I like it that much.

“The Arrangement” – So now the characters know that’s love but they haven’t told each other yet. It’s all starting to come together for them so of course I’m plotting on how to break them apart. Just need to get there. I know what’s going to happen, I just need to make it plausible.

reading my grandfather's life story

My grandfather hand wrote his life story and the family has copies of it. It’s never been transcribed as far as I know so I’m going to try my hand with it. I had to read the whole thing first because I never have and wow, it’s so interesting. When I finished it, I felt so connected to my family in a way I hadn’t before considered. My grandfather lived such a full life before he even set foot in the United States. I felt such gratitude for his fortitude and I am so glad that he wrote down all that he did. Now I want to transcribe what he’s written and then perhaps edit it a bit…


So the other night, I changed my wallpaper to Henry Cavill. How could I not when he’s so decidedly YUMMY?

phone wallpaper
lockscreen/homescreen – Cavill style

I had other reasons for changing it but I’ll leave that mystery untold for now…