TWITL – week forty-one – end of the break

if I could stay
here with you
watch the stars
shine in our view
whisper dreams
into the night
drift to sleep
holding you tight
I’d count my blessings
one and true
grateful to savor
this time with you

Sullivan Stapleton on Blindspot
Sully on Blindspot

The last hours of fall break are upon us. Alas! I enjoyed the quieter moments at work and having time to go through old files and shred things from like 2009. (No, don’t ask me why I still had stuff from 2009.) I liked wearing jeans every day (but not the same jeans consecutively). I liked the lack of phone calls and emails and visits to my desk… The good thing is that my new boss starts on Monday! I’m so glad that we have someone permanent in that office…

Blindspot – There are very few shows I will watch at its airing time. I have become accustomed to not watching commercials during scripted television (sports is a different story). But I endure the commercials for Blindspot. Why? I want to say that it’s more than Sullivan Stapleton but that would be a lie, wouldn’t it? I absolutely watch this show and endure the commercials for Sully. If he wasn’t on the show, I might still watch it but I wouldn’t sit through commercials for it. The show is really good and I most definitely recommend it. There’s action, mystery, and intricate relationships. This week’s ep was a great mix of action and story, showcasing different sides of Sully’s Kurt Weller character. He was all together infuriating, protective, loving, in charge, out of control– and that was just one episode! Sully makes Weller a compelling and complex character and he is the reason I keep watching the show…

The Siege of Jadotville – The hubby commented that the only time I want to watch such movies is when one of my fellas is in one. But hey, at least I’m watching such movies… Jamie Dornan stars in this one and if your only exposure to him is 50 Shades of Grey, I IMPLORE you to watch his other work (especially The Fall).

Irish Commandant Pat Quinlan (Jamie Dornan) leads a stand off with troops against French and Belgian Mercenaries in the Congo during the early 1960s.

It’s a good film, well shot and beautiful in its dusty starkness. I really enjoyed the performances by all the actors, especially Jamie Dornan and Jason O’Mara (both speaking their Irish accents). I would definitely recommend watching it. It’s on Netflix, so get to it!

I just had a dream last night that I was 1) hanging out with William Gregory Lee then 2) in a huge mall place with my cousin and I lost my purse somewhere, along with my phone. OH NO! Yeah, I don’t get it either but I had to comment on it because it’s totally still sticking to me…

Pre-National Novel Writing Month – I’m at the part where I’m not even sure I want to do the story I’m prepping. How insane is that?! I think my fear is that I’m not sure if what I want to write will carry me to the 50K words. Is it enough? I don’t know! How do I address the ex? Do I start the story with the ex and the short romance or weave that part of the story through the main narrative? I like when stories just start but maybe this one needs a prologue to set up the action. And even though I’m attempting a “sweet” story, do the characters actually engage in intimate relations? So many questions! And I’m supposed to have the answers. At least I think I might have the occupations of the main characters set. Maybe. I actually love all this confusion because I know that when November starts, I’m just going to write it without thinking too much about it…