TWITL – week forty-three – the weekend before National Novel Writing Month #NaNoWriMo

maybe I’m lost
drifting without you
believing I’m free
wandering without a path
maybe I’m lost
aching for yesterday
lying to myself
longing for the past
maybe I’m lost
dreaming of tomorrow
reaching for solace
drowning in solitude
maybe I’m lost
breaking my own heart
heading towards forever
waiting to be found

You know that moment when you think you have things set and your mind just says NO? So that’s me right now with National Novel Writing Month. I had set parameters regarding my story and my characters seems to be fighting me on everything and I haven’t even started writing yet! Is the problem that the third character– the ex– wants more attention? Do I give it to him? I have layers of story in my head for him as well as the main male character but the main female character is seriously lacking. Should I concentrate on her a little bit, figure out her past? Wait, maybe that’s it. Who is she? Who are her family and friends? Usually I know all these things but right now, I don’t. I have a couple of days to figure it out because Tuesday starts the clock. Yikes!

Sullivan Stapleton
Sully, my muse this time around…

Ghostbusters – Got a free rental and we decided on the new Ghostbusters movie. I really enjoyed it! I thought it was fun and well done. I totally LOVED Kate McKinnon. She was a freakin’ HOOT! And anything that gives me a goofy Chris Hemsworth is fine by me. Also, nice dance moves. Rarr.

Blindspot – I always love when the character Rich Dotcom makes an appearance on this show. He’s crazy and funny and spot on with some of his observations. Plus he makes the team twist and turn and do his bidding. You know, sometimes you just want to see that… Not sure about the current Kurt/Nas thing but I’m also not sold on the “Jeller” (Jane/Kurt) thing either. I like Kurt and Jane at odds even though it’s obvious that they care very deeply for one another. I love all the complications in all the characters’ lives. It makes for great storytelling.

The new boss is busy busy and it’s been fun trying to keep his calendar updated and such. So far, so good! (Like I’d say otherwise, hello!) Truly though, work has been a good constant for me and though I’d not want to get to complacent, I’m glad for my work environment and for my co-workers… I LOVE this weather! The clouds have gathered more often and we actually had some rain this week. It’s been rather glorious! I like being able to wear my jackets and scarves (well, All Blacks jacket and All Blacks scarf). Oh, and it’s definitely boots weather which is just super fantastic. I love wearing my boots! I want more boots!… Had thought about going to see Tyler on Friday night but decided no because of the weather. If it wasn’t such a long drive, I probably would have said, hey, let’s go! I loved seeing the pictures and video bits though. Thank goodness for my friends who went! Now I wonder if he has any November dates or if we’re going to actually try to go to one of the Goldfield shows. Hmmm…