glimmer of hope

I almost called this post “A Note of Despair” because this election season has been a drain on my soul and I wasn’t even watching that closely. I went to bed last night in bitterness and disappointment and fear. Yes, fear. I wondered about this country, my fellow citizens. How could they vote such a person as president? He fed on fears, racism, sexism and has shown no dignity or respect. Does he even have a plan in place? I don’t know. And I wondered if that opening he made into “telling it like it is” would mean decent people would give in to their baser instincts and forget their common decency.

So yes, I felt despair. I felt despair at the thought of good, Christian souls choosing a man who’s been heard saying horrible and demeaning things. Does their god really think so meanly? I don’t know. The Jesus I knew was one whose message was hope, humility, and kindness.

So I yes, I awoke in despair. Instead of writing my November novel, I’m taking the time to write this, editing it in my head as I go along. These are just my thoughts, my hopes.

I hope that after yesterday, after this all settles in, we remember to LOVE. To love our families, our friends, our neighbors, even our enemies. I hope we remember that inside we are all the same. I hope we as a nation can heal. I hope our LOVE can wash away all the hateful things that were said, that are still said, and that we can rebuild. I hope we fight with love in our hearts to defend our rights. I hope we remember that we are all human, that we live and we breath, that we all LOVE.

So even as the disappointment and bitterness and fear currently swirl inside of me, I hold on with near desperation to HOPE.

For those who are happy about last night’s result, I hope you spread that joy and happiness with LOVE and not sneer with pride. The truth of this country is that we can be different but we are still all Americans whatever our gender or race or orientation. We were always great if not also deeply flawed. Now let’s show the world what all of that really means. Let’s be the balance against what might come our way.