TWITL – week fifty

Wait, we’re already to week fifty?! Where has the time gone? No seriously, someone tell me.

It’s Christmas in a week. When you don’t have kids and you don’t decorate, it really does just sneak up on you. I’m mostly looking forward to the days off and still contemplating on what other days I might also take off from work. We shall see. Maybe I’ll just work it all and shred a bunch of stuff from my shred box. How therapeutic would that be?

Into the Blood – BT Urruela
I’m going to do a separate blog review on this one because I was lucky enough to get the ARC. I read it in one sitting! The action just pulls you in and doesn’t let go. It’s been released early on Amazon with a special price for just a couple of days. Check it out!

Into the Blood – Amazon

“What Now” (working title) – Actually, in my files this story is simply “Carter & Janina” because those are the names of the characters. I’ve already written over 12,000 words on it and I don’t know how much longer I might make it. Is it a novella? Will it make it novel status? I really don’t know yet. I’m just writing it. I should probably figure out one of these days. LOL Carter is a character from my National Novel Writing Month novel Rebound and I loved him enough to give him his own story even though he wasn’t very nice in Rebound. This story is his redemption, I suppose. Janina is a new character and she’s somewhat similar to another character I wrote but never completed.

Yesterday evening I spent time with my cousins and their families. I LOVE getting together with them. The girls are getting so big! Time flies, I tell ya. They’re getting older and need so little supervision. It’s kinda nice. LOL

Today I got to FaceTime with my nieces! It just warms my hear when they call me “Tita Val.” The little one is a little wild and the older one is so smart! Yes, I’m bragging but how can I not? I love how she loves to learn and to create. She was showing me the powerpoint she’s doing. My niece, at 7 years old, is creating a powerpoint presentation! SO AWESOME!

my nieces