TWITL – week forty-eight

Baby Groot
Baby Groot

I finished my novel a day early! Is it good enough to read? Hmmm. Well, it hit the word count! LOL I enjoyed writing it and have actually started another story with one of the characters from the one I just finished. Sometimes I just can’t let go of my characters and I just keep writing them. Not sure if this next story is going to be a novel or novella or even short story. We shall see where the characters take me…

HELL OR HIGH WATER – I had been itching to watch this movie and I was not disappointed. It had odd bits of humor, lots of desolation, and just a smidgen of hope even after tragedy. It was well acted and beautifully shot. Chris Pine, my motivation for watching it, showed yet again why he’s an amazing actor. He has that beautiful way of just becoming the character, making you believe everything about the man he plays. I would definitely recommend this movie!

Westworld – The season finale was on Sunday night and WOW! I really enjoyed this series very much. I probably could have stayed away from the theories and spoilers online and enjoyed it just as much but even knowing some of the theories did not really spoil my enjoyment of it all. A show I would definitely recommend!

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Tyler and I feel oddly okay with it. Even though I don’t know when I’ll see him next, I know I will see him again so I don’t feel that odd despair as I did in the early days of really not knowing when I’d see him again. I still hope that he doesn’t forget me. And I want to get to know TheLovely. Is that weird? Maybe it is… For whatever reason, I’m into Sullivan Stapleton again. Maybe I never really stopped. He played the main character of my National Novel Writing Month story because apparently he’s going to always play the main character of my NaNoWriMo novels. LOL I would seriously love to meet him someday. Is it really too much to ask?…