TWITL – week one 2017 – the New Muse edition @simonkass

Sooooo, not sure how/why this happened but sometime during break, I suddenly became enthralled with Simon Kassianides. I’ve seen him in different things here and there, I suppose, and at some point I started following him on Instagram. I know it’s been a long while and I actually don’t know why I started following him but I did and during the break he was using Instagram stories a lot and I watched. He was in Greece and I loved seeing all the different spots he visited. It does not hurt that he’s handsome and over thirty-five (rejoice, I’m not just an adorer of barely 30-somethings!) and whilst getting stuck on one story, another one decided it needed to be started and Simon slipped into the role of the new character.

What the heck?

My intention is to ride this out until the end of writing the story and then sit back and analyze why I’ve started on another fella. And have I really started on a new fella? Maybe it was just time for someone new. Maybe I needed to add a different face to my story fellas. I mean really, how many times can I use Sullivan Stapleton or Henry Cavill? (Many times, in case you’re wondering.) So welcome to my mad mind, Simon Kassianides. It’s fun (for me) and I won’t be too much bother. Promise. Muah!

A new Muse? Simon Kassianides on Burn Notice

“Marco & Thalia” – No real title yet. This is the new story. All the characters are new and so far not related to any of my previous characters so that’s good at least. I have this weird tendency to link my characters from story to story. Not so in this case. So far they’re near the end of their first date. Not sure how steamy this story will get but the characters are definitely wanting it. LOL (My characters always want it, by the way.)

“What Now” – This story is totally stalled. I took the female character down a certain path and I think I need to re-write that bit. The break in this story is why I started the other story. I’ll hopefully get back to this story soon and finish it.

Rebound – I should edit this story and then see if anyone wants to read it. I think it turned out nicely but there are some bumpy spots so need to smooth those out.

The Arrangement – Definitely need to go back to this one and edit. I really do love the story but the awkward bits are way too awkward.

“Drinkin’ Too Much” – Sam Hunt – Have you heard this song? GO LISTEN TO IT. It’s raw and vulnerable and intimate and I LOVE IT. I love that Sam wrote it and sang it and then shared it with us. It’s pretty much his heart right there for all of us to hear. How much trust is there in that? He’s trusting US, his fans, with his very heart. So girls who are oh so woe is me that he’s in love and engaged, enjoy the fact that even though you’ll never have him, he will give you his very heart in his music. What more could you want from your favorite artist? And for the rest of you who want to criticize Sam and whether or not he’s country music (how about he’s just MUSIC), open your mind and just listen. There’s more to music than genre labels. If you don’t like it, then don’t listen. If you country music fans want a certain kind of country music, then go listen to that and BUY IT. Radio isn’t going to play the music you like if you don’t buy or request it.

LA LA LAND (soundtrack) – I cannot stop listening to this soundtrack. I’ve listened to it enough that if I don’t have something else playing, the music I hear is from this soundtrack. I’m resisting the urge to go out and see the movie again. Having the soundtrack and original score definitely helps.

Nobody But Me – Michael Bublé – I’m listening to this right now. Sounds good so far! He always does sound good and it’s a nice break for my ears after the last couple of years of listening to mostly country music. I always go back to the jazzy vocals at some point…

Blindspot – What an episode! So much happened. And yet it felt like Weller wasn’t on screen that much. He had some good scenes (love when he’s all tough and defending his team). Maybe I just always want more. After all, Sully is pretty much the reason why I watch the show. We even watched it in real time with commercials! See, that’s how much I adore him. I hope he appreciates it. 😉

Sully on Blindspot

I’m glad I took a long weekend before school starts up again on Monday. We’re supposed to get lots of rain in the coming days. Joy? Hopefully there are enough breaks in the rain to let the earth soak it all in so as to keep things stable…

I made an in-app purchase for one of the games I play. Fingers crossed it’s the one and only time I do that. In all the years I’ve played games on my phone, I’ve always kept it “free” except for one actual purchase of a game. This is the first time I’ve purchased in the game. Yikes!

It’s been a decent start to 2017. How about for you?

one of my new watch faces…