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TWITL – week five 2017

the first touch
the tentative smile
how time just stops
the breath holds
the heart pauses
let this be forever
as we exhale
suddenly truly alive
the broken pieces
worn to something new
just as beautiful
as once fallen tears
this time
hope blooms with promise
in this first touch

Simon Kassianides in Desert Dancer
Simon Kassianides in Desert Dancer

A couple of weeks ago I watched a movie called Desert Dancer. It’s beautifully shot and well acted but I confess, the only reason I watched was for Simon Kassianides. (I seriously have this thing of watching the stuff my fellas do. It can be a good thing, right?) His part was small but I didn’t mind too much because the movie was good. I would definitely recommend it…

“I Want Forever with You” aka Marco & Thalia – Maybe that’s the title. I don’t know. I could probably end the story but I want to go for the whole journey because so far, the action takes place in two days. I want them to work out how fast they’re going (because oh my, they’re going FAST). Marco is Greek (gee, wonder why) and Thalia is not (of course) but she knows some Greek (thank you Google Translate!) and whenever she says something in Greek, he gets hot and bothered. Yes, I’m making that a thing in the story. LOL I think if I ever let people read the story, I’ll have to have disclaimer about the Greek that I do use in the story. Or maybe just find a Greek person to probably translate what I want the characters to say. Hmmm… Anyhoo, I am enjoying writing these characters and hope to have a readable story by the end of it.

“Carter & Janina” – Officially STALLED on this story. UGH! I need to re-work some of Janina’s background. I didn’t like where it was going and that’s why I stopped and started the other story. But I really would like to get this one finished at some point.

So besides Simon Kassianides, I’m finding myself just full of fangirl adoration for my other fellas. Henry Cavill keeps posting these ADORABLE videos on Instagram and his smile is just so infectious. One of the videos made me laugh a little and I thought slightly dirty thoughts even though it was totally innocent. I think he did it on purpose… Maybe I’ll see Tyler Rich this month? Fingers crossed! Also, when is the good news going to finally be released?! I don’t know. I’m just happy I kinda know… Sam Hunt’s new song “Body Like a Back Road” is so good! I love it (of course) so much! I’m so glad he’s releasing new songs and I will definitely buy his new album when it comes out. To be honest, I’ll probably buy his songs as he releases them and then freakin’ buy the album too… Jacob Davis’ song “What I Wanna Be” is just AWESOME. I am IN LOVE with that song. I cannot wait until the world discovers him because he’s got the goods, my lovelies. Mark my words!…

I’m still trying to work out this whole Simon Kassianides thing. How is it that I’ve been following him (on Instagram at least) for all this time but I’ve only really noticed him until now. It’s been a month and I still don’t know how it all began. It’s like I’m in the middle of it and I don’t know how I got here…

I had one of those layered dreams this morning where I knew I was dreaming in a dream and I was trying to control the dream. I got to the point where I was controlling it and “woke up” in bed but in another dream. Sooooo interesting! Too bad I couldn’t hold on to that part of the dream…