TWITL – week six 2017

when he falls asleep
he reaches for me
a stranger in reality
a constant in dreams
whispering a name
he doesn’t know
searching for a face
he’s never seen
until he finds me
then he knows me
we share our hearts
our laughter
our thoughts
until morning rises
then he forgets
as we let go
strangers again

Simon Kassianides on Agents of SHIELD
Simon Kassianides on Agents of SHIELD

Watched a few more episodes of Agents of SHIELD and got to see more Simon Kassianides. Enjoying his turn on the show and wish I had paid more attention the first time I watched those episodes. I’ve finally gotten to the point where we stopped watching so now I actually don’t know what’s going to happen next. Yah! Now I have to pay attention. I’m to the part where his character has been “gifted” to Coulsen. LOL

Work has been busy because it’s the month for transfers. I’m feeling slightly overwhelmed but I know it’ll all work out in the end. Just so much logging and listing and all of that joy… I got a new computer at work. Yah! I like when the IT dept says my computer is easy to transfer info and such. LOL…

Marco & Thalia – I’m plugging away on this story. So slow going. But it’s coming along. It’ll be better if I can figure out where I want it to end. LOL

Blindspot – I really dig this show so much. More Sullivan Stapleton please! The interaction between Weller and Shepherd was weird and creepy and I kinda liked it…

Sully on Harry's show
Sully was on Harry’s show!

I only saw the bit where Sully shows Harry his “tattoo.” LOL! So cute! I’ll have to find the rest of the segment to watch. You know, so my fangirl heart can explode from all the goodness.

Wrote my niece a letter this weekend. It’s become a nice routine for me. I’m going to need more stamps at some point. LOL I wonder if she laughs when she reads them… My Love Your Melon beanie finally arrived this week! I LOVE IT. Now it needs to be a little colder so that I can wear the beanie. It’s pretty cute…

Me in my Love Your Melon beanie