TWITL – week eleven – end of a chapter for @TylerRichMusic #TylerRich

We ended the week with our last time seeing Tyler Rich at the G Bar. I confess, I felt some nostalgia because I knew the familiarity would become a memory. We sat in our “usual” spot and watched Tyler play his guitar and sing songs. I loved seeing the regulars who had become my friends and I was glad I wasn’t the only one who wore her Rich’s Bi$ches shirt…

me, Tyler, & Joanne
with Tyler & Joanne

I enjoyed most of the night, even with the annoyance of the woman (drunk?) who thought it was cool to stand right next to Tyler while he sang and played. One or two songs, sure. But she was up there for too many songs and blocking my view. I get it when people want to dance to a song or two but damn, some of us were there to watch him. It was sweet relief when she finally disappeared.

I am so glad that Tyler is finished with that place even though it was fun to see him there and see my friends. I know that I will treasure the moments we chatted and took pictures together. And I will especially miss just watching him play his guitar, mesmerized by the fact that he’s the one creating the music. Just him.

I cannot wait to see what’s next with Tyler. New music! Tour dates! It’s in the works and I will so shout it out to the world when it’s time.