TWITL – week twelve

I have started writing my next Listworthy post. Who’s excited?! Ha! I need to sit down and just focus on it. After all, he might read it and I want to make a good impression. You do know who it will be, right?

Simon Kassianides in Trust No One
Simon Kassianides in Trust No One

It’s the middle of Spring Break here for the the students out this way. Our students get two weeks. Lucky ducks! As a 12 month employee, it just means I can take time off as well as get things done at work without interruptions and such. I LOVE the breaks! I had a four day weekend last weekend and it was glorious! It helped that we got to see Tyler one last time at Graton. Checking out Lagunitas and Heretic also made for super good times. Oh, and I bought first pair of cowboy boots! They’re so cute. Joyful!

The world is filled with such unrest and confusion and desperation. As the days turn warmer and brighter, I choose to find the joy and beauty in the world. I go for the simple lessons– be good to one another, be happy, be wise, be compassionate. I fail at some of these things. I have darkness in my heart and sometimes I give that darkness a voice. But most of the time I concentrate on love and feeling it and appreciating it and spreading it. Hence talking about my fellas and music and tv shows and my fellas making music or tv shows or movies. I write to bring myself focus on joy and love with some conflict for flavor. But in life, I like to keep things positive. At least online. Or is it especially online?

GO vote for Jacob Davis!!! We all know Kip Moore has a fantastic fanbase and he’s an amazing artist but if you’re so inclined, throw some love Jacob’s way. I LOVE that the Jacob Davis Squad showing their heart in this. Most of us probably like Kip well enough (I know I do) but we LOVE Jacob. If you don’t know who he is, you soon will know and believe me, you will love him too. Give the song a whirl and vote for Jacob while you’re there. <3

“Church Clothes” – This song by the lovely Kelleigh Bannen is HAUNTING ME. It’s beautiful and melancholy and touches the heart in a way you might not expect. Give it a spin and then look for more of Kelleigh’s music. She has a beautiful and expressive voice…

Being part of the Jacob Davis Squad is an amazing and wonderful thing. I am not one of the more active members but I do what I can and at least try to mention Jacob once a day. It’s a no-pressure squad that encourages participating for love of Jacob and his music. And I know I gladly do what I can for him and a lot of it is because of the squad. We are altogether passionate and caring towards him, the band, and each other. Jacob and his cohorts show the fans their love for us too in so many ways but really, all we want is for them to reach the heights with the music. We want the music. But we stay for the love…

I was having a conversation with one of my long time friends. We’re both fangirls and met back in the day but our friendship grew outside of our shared loved for a show and an actor. We were talking about our current fangirl loves and I mentioned how it’s a good thing I’m the kind that likes to spread the love because if all this energy went to just one person, that could be crazy and insane. I just don’t know how rational I would be…

Simon Kassianides in Agents of SHIELD
I like him even when he’s snarky…

You know those times you’re supposed to feel bad but you don’t? You’re supposed to feel it in the heart but instead your rational mind takes over, allows for the sympathy but the feeling goes no further than acknowledging the pity of the moment. Does it make you an unfeeling person if your concern is not for the sufferer but for the ones who will be affected by the suffering? Maybe this doesn’t make sense unless you know what I mean… There are things you do out of duty. There are things you do from your heart. The trick is to do the dutiful thing without resenting it…

My creativity has been slowed these past few weeks. It’s maddening because I haven’t finished the last two stories that have been in my head. I want to finish one of them! Is that too much to ask? My Muse is a damn tease, I tell ya!

Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads my blog posts. Anyone out there? It doesn’t matter really. I mostly write just for me and my future self. It’s fun to read past entries and think, “What the balls were you thinking?!” Okay, I only think that sometimes. Mostly I’m glad whenever I write more details than not because the memories get a great kick start from words written just after the moment, whatever the moment…

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