poetry, TWITL

TWITL – week fourteen

sweetly darkness calls
promising dreams of comfort
so cold to the touch


Sully on Blindspot
Blindspot – How much do I adore Sullivan Stapleton? I adore him so much that I watch his show in real time, with COMMERCIALS. If that’s not real love, I don’t know what is! Another good episode this week. I’m getting anxious, wondering when Roman remembers who wiped his memory. How will he react? It has to happen, right?… Weller almost took one for the team. What the heck?! I knew it wasn’t going to be him but it was still a scary moment… I wonder how the showing doing. Will it get renewed? I hope so! I liked getting my weekly Sully fix…

Simon on CMBB
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders – So if I say I love Sully so much that I’ll watch commercials for him, what does it mean when I do the same for Simon Kassianides? Is it just because it’s early days in my regard for him or has my adoration escalated? Whatever the reason, we watched CMBB because I wanted to watch Simon. I had absolutely no other reason to watch the episode. I enjoyed it well enough but mostly just liked seeing him in a different role. I’d probably watch him on that show if he became a regular… Good episode, liked the chemistry between ‘Jeffrey’ and ‘Clara.’ The episode left the door open to him appearing again so fingers crossed!…

13 Reasons Why – Didn’t think I’d get into this movie but when I heard an old co-worker of mine is in it, well, I just had to be supportive, right? We’ve just watched a few episodes but it’s been intriguing so far. I keep yelling at the kid to LISTEN TO ALL THE TAPES!!! He’s taking so long. LOL But I suppose that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Chicago Justice – I am absolutely watching this show because of Philip Winchester. Good thing it’s a good show! I hope it gets another season because seeing him on my tv every week is definitely a good thing.

Quantum of Solace – I know, it’s an older movie but I’m mentioning it because I watched it last night. Why? Well, apparently I hadn’t seen it before (I thought I’d seen all the Daniel Craig Bond movies except the very last one but nope!). Oh, and Simon Kassianides is in it. Not a very big part but it was still nice to see him…

Quantum of Solace

“Fighting It” – I feel like this new story is a re-tread of a story I’ve already written. I might need to change things up a little. Or just go back to one of my other two or three stories I haven’t finished? I think my concentration and focus are just shot right now…

“Marco & Thalia” – I want to finish this story. It’s either almost over or only halfway finished. Anything is possible. The beginning needs some work, especially in regards to the male character’s motivations and intentions…

The calendar says springtime but rain fell like wintertime on Friday. I was able to wear my beanie on Saturday night! I don’t mind the cooler weather. I know that the near triple digits will be upon on us much too soon so I savor the chill that happens upon us nowadays… I’ve been listening a lot to Jacob Davis these days. I cannot wait until he starts playing on the radio! I hope I meet him one day. I feel like it’ll happen sometime, some way. 🙂 And I do want to meet the cohorts too. LOL…