TWITL – week thirteen

Here we are at the tail end of spring break. It’s been lovely having days off these past two weeks as well as quiet times at work. Sometimes it’s just super wonderful to be at work without the bustle of visitors and such. Sometimes you just want to do your work without interruptions…

I’m still working on my next Listworthy write-up. Not sure when I’m going to post it. I’m still in the “why” portion of it and haven’t gotten to the criteria part yet. After that, I need to hunt for some photos. At least one pro shot as the opening because I don’t usually use screencaps as the first picture.

Simon Kassianides
Simon Kassianides in Burn Notice

I’m glad I’m a fangirl because I end up experiencing bits of sunshine at the most random times.

I wrote the above as a Facebook status this week because it is so true and never more so than the moment I wrote it. On that day, new music blessed my ears, one of my favorites gave our fangroup a shout-out, and my New Muse actually replied to me a couple of times on twitter. The new music was a super surprise and brought us all such crazy joy. It’s killing me a little bit that I can’t talk about it more openly but soon, very soon, I’m going to definitely promote the heck out of the artist… The shout-out came by way of Philip Winchester to the Fans of Philip crew. It’s a short video that he and Carl Weathers did to promote Chicago Justice in the UK. SO COOL! I’m part of the crew but I’m happier for my two friends because they work it harder than I do for sure. So awesome!… Ahhh, New Muse. He had a little time to answer questions on twitter so of course I sent off a few questions. I asked him what he had for lunch. He replied that he hadn’t had anything yet. I countered by asking him to take a picture of his food. Ha! I also told him that my birthday was in a month and asked that if I reminded him, would he say hey to me? He said yes!

It's been a year since this tattoo

It’s been a year since my fourth tattoo. Yes, I got it on April 1st. I love all my tattoos but this one means so much to me in so many ways. I never did get to tell the story behind it but that’s okay. The right people know what it means. And when folks ask me about it, I give them different versions of the story. If I don’t think the person really cares, I just say someone wrote it to me. If the person looks a bit more interested, I say one of my favorite singers wrote it to me. It’s unique and that’s the most awesome part of it. And tattoos should always be unique and meaningful to the person wearing it. I like knowing that even if I ever lost all the materials things, I will always have this tattoo with me…

A month ago was my ten year work anniversary. YOWSA! My longest running work gig and I can say that I like my job. I work with cool people, the work hours are great, the holidays and time off even better. I forgot to make note of it last month but my paycheck reminded me– longevity pay! The little things, my lovelies, the little things are what shine so often… Hubby got a new battery for my TAG watch and now I want to wear it again but I also want to keep wearing my Apple Watch. Is it weird wearing two watches? I don’t wear them on the same wrist (that’s just silly). I bought a cuff watch band to make the watch look less like a watch when I wear it on my right wrist. It does a nice job of hiding my right wrist tattoo, if I cared about hiding it (I don’t really care about hiding because I think it’s cute). I might not wear the TAG watch all the time but it’s nice to know I can wear it again. Why was I so lazy about getting a new battery? Oh yes, because I am just lazy!… iOS updated this week and I had to be told about by watching one of my tech shows. Bad techie! I don’t see much of a difference except for the awesome fact that it freed up at least a gig of space on my 16 GB iPad Air 2 (I still hate that I didn’t go for more GB on that device). I didn’t think to pay attention on my iPhone as far as space was concerned but I think it freed up maybe 2 GB on there? I should have taken a screenshot!

me reppin' Lagunitas

My new FB profile pic. I filtered the heck out of that shot! I feel like I look younger but why not, eh? Also, doesn’t my hair look shiny?