TWITL – week eighteen

My birthday was this week. I worked because I thought it would be odd to take a Wednesday off and might as well save that off day for another time. It was the hottest day of the week and probably the hottest birthday I’ve had perhaps ever. I don’t ever remember any of my birthdays with a high of 93° or so. Yikes! Good thing we have decent air conditioning at work as it made the work day bearable.

Facebook does a great job of reminding people of birthdays so I received a slew of messages for which I am utter grateful! I also got a phone call from the parents and messages from my sister and cousins. I felt the love for sure. I only trolled for one birthday greeting and he very graciously obliged. (Thank you, Simon!) I did wish myself a happy birthday on twitter just for fun and got some replies to that, including from one of my new favorite ladies. She’s so sweet! (Love you, Sabina!)

After work, we had drinks at Crown and Crow then we headed to Studio 71 so that I could make an appointment for my next tattoo. From there we headed to Imperiale Beer Cafe for another drink while waiting for our order at Wing Stop. All in all, a very decent birthday…

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – How much did I LOVE this movie?! I LOVED IT so much. We saw it on Thursday night at the Delta. Without spoilers I will say that it’s just as good as the first and I enjoyed it all. I will see it again, probably in IMAX 3D next weekend… I have enjoyed all the Marvel movies through the years but James Gunn put so much of his heart and soul into first GoTG and now GoTGv2 and I cannot help but feel that whenever I watch the movies. I felt it with the first movie and I felt it again with the second. He has stayed true to himself and as a result, the audience responds to that truth and humor and joy and heartbreak and adventure. It’s a special thing to feel something personal in such big movies…

I’m actually looking forward to this upcoming week because on Tuesday, we’re going to see Jordan Davis in San Jose. (He’s a country music artist and the brother of Jacob Davis.) It’s a free show but you had to get the tickets right away as there were only 40 available. I got two tickets within ten minutes of seeing the tweet from KRTY, the radio station. I can’t believe I’m going to see (meet?) Jordan before I meet Jacob. I’m excited! 😀

I’m very much looking forward to my next tattoo! Crazy excited about it. It’s going on my left upper arm/shoulder area. It will be a turtle with the silver fern incorporated onto its shell. Or something like that. I’m sure having a week to “think” about it is a good thing as well as a fair amount of time for the tattooist to come up with a great design but I would have done it the day we walked into the shop. So very excited!