TWITL – week nineteen – new music, new tattoo, etc

it’s just a notion
a supposition
a fanciful feeling
rooted in this imagination

it’s just speculation
a break from reality
a bit of wishful thinking
wrapped in wistful musings

because it’s not real
it can’t be true
surely it’s merely chance
something akin to coincidence

let’s ponder this–

give in to the notion
for a moment
speculate in delight
this one thought–

what if it’s not

with Jordan Davis
me with Jordan Davis on Tuesday night in San Jose

Confession– I know about Jordan Davis because of his brother Jacob Davis. And I know about Jacob because mutual Sam Hunt fans shone the light upon him. Since I’m in the Jacob Davis Squad, I am all in with him but I’ve also had Jordan in the periphery. I’ve enjoyed all the songs I’ve heard but for the longest time it was a less active regard. Until now.

When I found out Jordan was going to be in San Jose, my interest piqued and I wanted to see him. Was it because I hadn’t taken the chance to see his brother a couple of months ago? Maybe. But really I was just missing some live, acoustic country music and here was a chance to meet a new artist whose songs I knew. Got two tickets, took the day off, and headed to San Jose in the afternoon on Tuesday. The venue was the restaurant Original Joe’s, in the upstairs area. It was an intimate and casual setting and perfect for an introduction to a new artist.

Before the set, the drummer (Bryce) came over to chat and thank us for coming out. He asked how we knew about Jordan and I mentioned his brother Jacob. Bryce talked a little bit about how he’s from Virginia and how he’d never been out this way. He was very sweet and it was fun talking with him. I probably should have gotten a picture with him for posterity. Ah well! We didn’t meet the other band member. Alas!

Jordan and the boys did five songs, starting with “Take It From Me.” This was followed by “Leaving New Orleans,” “Goin’ Round,” “Detours,” and his upcoming single, “Singles You Up.” All were great! And I sang along to three of the songs! It was awesome! I think he added “Detours,” which I know as a Jacob song. I loved Jordan’s version and he was really into it too. Hearing him sing his songs live awakened that devoted part of me and now I know that he’s one of mine now.

The San Jose station KRTY hosted the event and among the guests were radio folks from Sacramento’s The Bull and Central Valley’s KAT Country. I hope they both bring Jordan back out this way because I would LOVE to see him again!

After the set, Jordan took pictures and chatted with the guests. I was first! I just had to tell him that I knew three of the songs and he said he saw me jammin’ to them; he seemed to appreciate it. I also mentioned his brother and how I’m in his squad and that I’m probably one of three or so who hasn’t met him yet. So Jordan got to meet me first. Well, I didn’t put it quite that way. We had our picture taken (thanks KRTY gal!) and then it was time to go home.

So my impression? Jordan is awesome and genuine and utterly talented. He was approachable and appreciative and all around lovely. I’m so glad I got to watch him this first time in such an intimate setting and I can totally see him going places. I will do my part to tell the world about him and support him by buying his music and going to his shows. He’s definitely one to watch…

The new tattoo
finally, my honu and fern

Tattoo #5 was done by JR at Studio 71. After work on Wednesday, I headed home for a quick change of clothes then off to the tattoo shop for my biggest tattoo to date. Did it hurt? Well, of course it did! But within five minutes or less, the pain didn’t really bother me. There were a couple of times where I thought, “Yikes, that kinda burns!” Otherwise, I didn’t mind it at all and in the end, it was worth it. I’m so glad to finally have my honu! The fern gives me a little more pause only because it wasn’t quite what I imagined but I do like how the tattoo looks on the whole. I like that it calls for a second glance if you don’t know what it is. I feel as though I should name my honu but maybe just calling it my honu is enough… I’m already thinking of where I’d put my next tattoo and what I might want to have next. Isn’t that crazy?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – Viewing number 2 was a solo trek to the local AMC for the 10:15 AM IMAX 3D showing. The movie was just as good in IMAX 3D as it was in standard definition. I enjoyed it as much as I did the first time and almost cried at all the same spots. I love the movie visually and emotionally and I can’t wait to watch it again! Not sure if I’ll do another movie theatre showing but we shall see…

Ever since seeing Jordan on Tuesday evening, I’ve been listening to him and his brother Jacob exclusively at work (except for my lunch breaks). It reminds me just a little of how I would only listen to Sam Hunt when I first discovered him. I cannot wait until Jacob and Jordan release their respective albums. I’m ready for some new music!

Tyler Rich had a few shows this week and I went to none of them. Alas. I’m so glad I follow fellow fans on the social networks and they share their photos and videos online. It’s exciting to know that he’s started recording and I’m hoping he releases a single soon. Something! Must have new music!!!

Trust No One will be screened at the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival!

Congratulations to Simon Kassianides on his short film’s official selection to the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival! Trust No One will be screened during the festival. What a treat to be able to see it on the big screen! It’s really an amazing short. Everyone should watch it.

TRUST NO ONE – A Simon Kassianides Film from Simon Kassianides on Vimeo.

After my latest tattoo, I of course shared a picture of it online at my usual places. A day later, someone I follow posted a short video of turtles swimming. No commentary or anything, just swimming turtles. As far as I know, the person I follow doesn’t follow me. So is it just a coincidence that I get a turtle tattoo and then this person posts a video a day later of turtles swimming? I’m sure it’s just one of those things. Right?…