poetry, TWITL

TWITL- week twenty-five – hot days, baseball, etc

the answer to a question
home at the end of the day
promises fulfilled
with just a smile
a dream come true
I am this to you

forever waiting in the wings
ready to step forward
to the next chapter
whether it be surrender
the certainty calls
right to the core

the chance you could take
the step you could make
simply say hello
you never know
the lock could turn
revealing all you yearn

the connection you’d deny
even as those whispers
haunt you w/ such sweet longing
only u could answer
what is forever
but one perfect moment

a piece of your heart
you didn’t know
you gave away
that one notion
in that one moment
locking you to me
sharing secrets
we’ve yet to tell

the memory of a dream
timeless yet long ago
from the first light of the first star
to the first touch of the sunrise
constant and steady

the first kiss
we’ll never share
as long as this distance
exists between us
until our paths cross
in a way we cannot yet fathom

the quiet breath
the flush upon the cheeks
warm yet not unwanted
if you close your eyes
the ghost of fingers skim
light on your skin

maybe the heart you seek
rushed with adoration
sails along too far from you
but within sight of you
looking away
when you look this way

for now
just an untold story
until our eyes meet
until our hands touch
until you say my name
and I say yours
then you’ll know
who I am

Each verse above was a tweet on June 20th. I was feeling creative that day. They can be taken as separate entities but I think together they work well enough. There’s a bit of a theme, perhaps?

first pitch

I had a short work week, which is rather glorious. What was not glorious was having days of triple digit temperatures. YIKES!

We were supposed to go to the baseball game for our anniversary but it ended up getting rained out so we had to figure out what game to attend. We settled on Wednesday night’s game. Oddly enough, a year ago that day we had gone to our one A’s game last year. What are the chances?

A's game with the one and only
just happy to be in the ball park…

I had my hot dog and pretzel as well as a beer to go along with my soda. The ballpark was as it always is and there wasn’t much of a crowd. We had our row to ourselves. I think the rows behind and in front of us were also clear. I didn’t mind so much. It made it so much easier to leave at the end of the game. LOL The A’s ended up losing to the Astros but I still had a good time. How could I not? We were in Oakland, which was so much cooler than home and I got to watch some baseball.

Mark Mulder was calling the game with Glen Kuiper and from our seats I could sort of see him. I tweeted at him but never got a reply. Bummer, eh? Oh well! It would have been cool to get a picture with him since I was wearing my Mulder jersey. Wishful thinking, I know…

Thursday was the hottest day of the heatwave and we had planned on going to the Alameda County Fair to walk around, eat fair food, and watch the horse races. Because of the weather, the horse races were cancelled, which was a bummer for us but good for the horses. Since they were our draw to even go, we decided skip the fair. Instead, we headed out to Buffalo Wild Wings in Lodi to visit our favorite bartender!

jack & coke at buffalo wild wings

It’s always awesome to see Hunter and even better than he remembers that I like Jack and Coke and hubby likes IPAs. Now that’s the mark of a good bartender. He thanked us for our (my) Yelp review from last year. It helped (who would have thought?!) that they got a good review since the BWW was newly opened the first time we visited. This time around was just as nice. The lunch special was a decent deal and the food was good, probably better than our local BWW. If you’re in the Lodi area, definitely check out BWW, especially if Hunter is there…

Last night I stayed up for the All Blacks vs British and Irish Lions match. It was so worth watching! The All Blacks made me a little nervous in the first half but they really took care of business in the second half. I love how I know most of the All Blacks players because of watching Super Rugby. They did a great job on the Lions. 🙂

I had the weirdest dream the other night. I was in a city and needed to return something to someone and I asked a friend to help me. She turned out to be some part of super secret agency and we got caught up in a weird situation. I think the dream came on because we watched Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation. The dream ended before I got to the end of the adventure. Ah well…

I’ve been cutting my t-shirts into off shoulder blouses. I started with a couple of t-shirts I’ve never worn or were old. I just cut a couple of Sam Hunt t-shirts that I might actually wear more often. Next up could be my Jacob Davis Squad shirt and then my Tyler Rich shirts. We shall see… 🙂

filtered selfie

I’ve been twisting and braiding my hair this week because of the hot weather. I need more practice. Or maybe I need to watch more YouTube videos demonstrating how to do certain braids…

Finally watched Moana and I just LOVED IT. Even though it was an animated movie, it was so nice seeing characters who look like me. I feel like I’ve spent most of my life suspending my disbelief and going straight for the essence of my entertainment and it’s really gratifying to feel a little more connected to a movie on the superficial level. It just added more layers for me. And as much as I like the princess movies, I also like the stories where the girl is the hero and doesn’t need to be “saved.” Twas truly empowering…

I am enjoying my days off. Ahhhh, summer break…