poetry, TWITL

TWITL – week twenty-three – the spin of this dream

the spin of this dream
leaves me dizzy with laughter
beneath the moonlight

Remember when I wrote a poem every day? I did that for about eight and a half years. Yowsa! (I had to look back at my posts.) From 2006 until the middle or so of 2014. Nuts! I wonder if I could do that again. I should at least start with writing a poem (even if it’s just a haiku) whenever I post an entry since I only do so weekly. Challenge? Let’s try it!

The last day of school was Thursday, which means our office will be relatively peaceful until late July or so. Well, maybe. We shall see. I’ve already put in for my time off during the break and lo, I’m actually going to take a whole week off from work. I’m excited!

CMA Fest was this week and apparently I know a whole bunch of people (online) who are there enjoying the music and festivities. I’d LOVE to go once to see my favorite artists and hear new music and hang out with friends. I’d probably not sleep much. LOL I’m so glad that my friends are having a grand time and I LOVE that they’re sharing their adventures with those of us who can’t be there.

I dreamt that I had had my dachshund cloned and I was hanging out with her. I don’t think I named her Holli 2.0 or the like but I do remember her cuddling with me… “Let’s Do It Right” started playing in my dream and for some reason I said, “Hey, this is a Canadian band! Do you remember this song?” I directed the question to two men who were sitting at a table and they looked at me like I was nuts because yes, of course they knew the song– they had done it! Trevor Guthrie and David Bowman were in my dream! I eventually tried to make my way to them to get a picture but they disappeared. I think I was at some kind of outdoor music festival. Such a random dream… (Now I’m listening to some soulDecision…)

We got the truck washed last weekend because it was super filthy and we were in a place that had a Prime Shine (why is there no Prime Shine in Brentwood?!). OF COURSE it rained a couple of days later. ::sigh:: Otherwise, I didn’t mind the rain at all since I know the summer will bring us hot days soon enough. It certainly wasn’t cold enough to wear a jacket or turn up the heat but there was a definite chill in the air for a couple of days. Now the weather is that perfect combination of sunshine and cool breezes. Why can’t we have like a month of that kind of weather? Hmm?

The words are in my head but I can’t seem to focus and write them. They’re phrases or scenes without context and whenever I attempt to fashion them into something remotely coherent, the words disappear and leave only a feeling, if that. It’s frustrating as hell. Sometimes a song will feed the idea but it’s never enough to sustain. I have three stories that are in various stages of beginning, all using the same Muse, but none of them seem ready to move to the middle or end. Maddening… Maybe my creativity will focus in the coming days and I will actually write a complete story. Maybe I need to just write a short story and not worry about expanding past a certain point.

I intend on savoring the weeks ahead, reveling in the hopefully relative calm at work as well as enjoy the time off I have scheduled. We shall see…