TWITL – week twenty-eight – love & movies

Oh no, I’m late with this entry! To be fair, I did post something for Tyler and Sabina because I am SAPPY as hell and I do adore them as separate people and as a couple and I just wanted them to know since I have no idea next time I’ll see them. The post was meant for them and not technically a TWITL post so here I am again, a little late…

When I found out Tyler and Sabina got engaged, I was SO HAPPY for them. They are genuinely good people and as a couple they are sweet and fun and adorable and so obviously in love. My romantic heart just finds the story of their love just touching and sweet. Plus I really just like them so much. I like thinking we were there to witness their beginning…

War for the Planet of the Apes – I totally planned to watch this movie the moment I took over the Cuddle Puddle Nation twitter account. I knew that I had to be supportive in any way I could for opening weekend and so I caught up on the previous two Apes movies and was ready to go for this third (last?) installment. This last movie was strong and gut wrenching and heartbreaking. I loved it. I loved how strongly I felt for all the characters, primates and humans alike. It was the right end for the whole story arc but it was still so heartbreaking. I’d definitely recommend it! Aleks Paunovic (Winter) made the most of his time on-screen and I would have loved to have seen more of him…

So Simon will be at Comic Con on Saturday. He’s moderating a panel. I WISH I COULD BE THERE! Seriously, when am I going to meet this guy? It could totally happen. Or maybe I’ll get to the point where I don’t care if I meet him or not. I’m not there yet. Shoot, I’m not there yet with even Sully or Henry or Sam. I still want to meet all of them too! Right now, it’s all focused on Simon. I really can’t explain it.

Simon on Smooch
Simon on Smooch

Unforgettable comes out on digital this week and I am probably going to buy it… I wish I could find some of Simon’s other works. After all, how many times can I watch the second season of Agents of SHIELD?