TWITL – week twenty-nine – convention envy

the stir of the soul
where dreams unleash the secret
harbored in the heart

So much San Diego Comic Con envy right now!!! I wish I could just ignore all the convention goodness but I can’t. Let’s see, who did I miss at Comic Con? Aleks Paunovic, Simon Kassianides, Karl Urban, Jensen Ackles, Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the Justice League cast (but no Henry, alas), and all the trailers for different movies and tv shows. But really, I would have really just loved to have been there to see like two things. Any two things as long as one of them was Simon. Ah well, this happens almost every year, especially since I follow a lot of the different actors who could appear there. I think liking so many different people would make me easy to please. Next year?

Dunkirk – What an excellent movie! I watched it in 2D IMAX (not sure if it was 70mm) and it was amazing. Yes, Tom Hardy was the draw for me but I think I would have liked the movie if someone else played his character. Maybe. Actually, he was mesmerizing as the Spitfire pilot Farrier, conveying emotion and purpose in such a small space and few words. I would definitely recommend the movie, especially if you can watch it in 70 mm…

Unforgettable – The movie came out in digital HD this week and OF COURSE I had to buy it (at a discount courtesy of the T-Mobile Tuesday Vudu credit). We watched it the other night. I’m sure it’s not a surprise that the real draw for me was Simon’s one scene.

Simon in Unforgettable

His character, Michael, is only in one full scene but his presence is felt throughout the film. He played him convincingly and was definitely not a good guy. Not sure he quite deserved the end he got but such was the movie…


Game of Thrones – The only other show that I watch “live” is Game of Thrones (the other being Blindspot) and it’s always so worth it! The season opener was last week and I just finished this week’s episode. Both so good! I really enjoy the show and I think I like that the show has gone past the books. It’ll make the new books interesting reads (whenever they come along).


I am digging the Prisma app, especially with my self portraits. It feels vain, posting the filtered selfies, but it’s fun so I just go with it… My new pieces from 1888 Design arrived this week. I love them!… When Dunkirk started, Simon was moderating a panel at San Diego Comic Con. Yes, I actually thought of that while I was at the movie theatre… The first day of school is coming fast upon us. It makes me sad how short our summer breaks are… I had to buy reading glasses the other day. I think they could help me. I bought a three pack so I’ll bring a pair to work…

Simon Kassianides