TWITL – week twenty-six

the beat of your heart
echoes much too far from me
yet I feel its call

my work crew
my work crew

I’m off of work for a week! Such a wonderful thing. So far it’s been lazy times but that’s all right, eh?

I am at that pause in my writing. I keep re-reading my unfinished stories and as much as I want to finish them, I just can’t muster the creative energy for them. Alas! It’s not that I don’t love my characters– I do– but they’re waiting just like I am…

More songs added to my playlist!

  • “You Broke Up with Me” – Walker Hayes – This one is a fun toe tapper! I like the groove of it. It reminds me of another song (but can’t think of which one). It’s cute and a great summer song…
  • “All on Me” – Devin Dawson – I kept hearing this song on the radio (yes, I listen to the radio sometimes still) and I finally pulled the trigger on it. There’s an R&B feel to it that just appeals to me. Definitely a cool summer song.
  • “I’m Gonna Love You” – Murphy Elmore – I heard a live version of this song and I just had to have it. It’s from an EP released a year ago. I love the sexy songs that just reach deep inside of you and this one does it.
  • “Love Someone” and “Castaway” – Brett Eldredge – I pre-ordered Brett’s upcoming album and these two songs are available now. I don’t normally pre-order anything but he’s one of my very few exceptions, apparently.  “Castaway” is an intimate song and I love the stripped down beauty of it. “Love Someone” is still working on me but I like it enough so far.

Videochatted with two of my friends regarding our fan accounts. It was great catching up with them in real time. We’re trying to figure out how and what we want to do to promote our favorite. We need to be more organized and perhaps more centralized. The three of us concentrate on different social accounts (I think they do so much more than I do, I definitely need to step up more!) and we have a rather tenuous link to our favorite. My thoughts are we need to figure out what HE wants and how hands on he wants to be with us. Maybe he likes the distance. Maybe he’s not sure he can trust us. Maybe he needs to take baby steps. As his fans, we want to promote his work, maybe give a glimpse of him as a person, and be an example of good will and support for him. We also want to keep up interest in him even when he’s not currently working, like right now!…

I’m in the weird paranoid stage with my number one. You know, the one where you keep thinking, “Did I do something wrong?” because you’re not getting the responses that you previously received? I’m right there. I shouldn’t care about getting any kind of response from him, right? I mean, it’s not like he even knows me at all. I should be satisfied with just his posts and such. So what if he doesn’t respond to me at all. Wait, that’s not quite right. He does like my comments sometimes. He’s so random. I should just let that sink in and be happy with it. I know I’ll get over this whole weird stage. I just don’t want to fall out of it with him, you know? I like having someone new to fangirl over. Maybe he’s weirded out that someone is fangirling over him…

I oftentimes miss the Xena/Hercules days. Such wonderful memories of hanging out with my friends and meeting our favorites from both the shows. Making those connections– between fellow fans and between the actors– was one of the best things ever! I miss the chats I used to have with one of the actors from the show who’s still a favorite of mine. It warms my heart that a couple of the actors still remember me and are always so kind in our current interactions. Just makes me want to see them again! (Or finally meet them, as is the case with one of them.) I’m glad I wrote decent convention reports at least…

KSOFC Brunch 1998
The goofiest picture of me and Kevin Smith (“Ares” on Xena/Herc) back in 1998

I still miss Kev. I often wonder where he would be if he were still alive. Would the whole world know about him? Would he have stayed in New Zealand for television? Would he have landed more movie parts? It still squeezes my heart that he’s not in the world anymore. Such an amazing talent and such a gracious man…