With love to Sabina & Tyler @SabinaGadecki @TylerRichMusic

Dear Tyler & Sabina,

Congratulations! I hope someday soon to give you both big hugs but for now I must take a moment to say how much I adore and love the both of you and how the news of your engagement just warms my heart. I AM SO HAPPY FOR THE TWO OF YOU!

Tyler, you have always been wonderful and I have treasured every moment watching you sing and play. Your music hooked me but the fact that you are an awesome man, generous and gracious, just puts you over the top. You will ALWAYS be one of my favorites. When Sabina came into your life, your heart just opened even more. Something unlocked in you and we could all feel it. Well, I could. You were always friendly but after Sabina, there was something more. Her warm spirit combined with yours and you bloomed. Wait, can men bloom? Let’s go with it. You bloomed and it can’t be a coincidence that everything about you shone brighter. Love does that to you and it definitely suits you.

Sabina, you are one of the loveliest, sweetest ladies I have ever met and I couldn’t help liking you from the very first. The absolute glow on your face as you watched Tyler sing and play just made me adore you. And the fact that you are such a sweetheart means you have as much a place in my heart as Tyler does. You are a generous and gracious soul and love just makes you shine.

Tyler & Sabina, many congratulations on your engagement and here’s to a lifetime together of love and laughter and everything in between!

With love,

with Tyler & Sabina