TWITL – week thirty-three – the blank page

staring back at me
untold possibilities
if I just let go

It’s so strange. During the week, I have all these blog worthy thoughts whirling through my head but when I actually sit down to write the post, all of the ideas just flee from me. Should I take notes during the week? Should I sneak moments to write bits and pieces then just post at the end of the week? I really don’t know.

So let’s go with bullet style musings of the random nature…

  • Simon Kassianides keeps posting toddler of pictures of himself on Instagram. SO DAMN CUTE!!! First of all, he was, as my dad likes to say, HEALTHY as a wee one. I bet he got his cheeks pinched and kissed ALL THE TIME. Second, what a serious little one he was. He was mean mugging from the get-go, eh? Lastly, little Simon was a bit of an exhibitionist and proud of it. Also, he had awesome hair. I hope he keeps posting those shots because they are DELIGHTFUL.
  • I woke up with the hubby yesterday morning at just after 2:30 AM so that I could be awake to watch my All Blacks play the Wallabies at 3:00 AM. The All Blacks made it worth my while! They had a fantastic first half. The could have done a bit better for the second half but I shouldn’t complain since the All Blacks defeated the Wallabies. Yah!
  • Game of Thrones – Is there really only one more episode?! The penultimate episode was a doozy! I was seriously yelling at the tv at certain parts and then wanting to cry at other parts. I don’t want it to end! I don’t want to have to wait a year or whatever for the final season.
  • The Hitman’s Bodyguard – I enjoyed this movie! In spite of the predictable plot points, I thought it was well done from the acting to the action to the humor. I’d definitely recommend it.
  • Tomorrow is the solar eclipse! I was watching the shows and one of the shows had photographer Scott Bourne on it and he suggested taking pictures of everything else instead of the the actual eclipse. Since I don’t have a camera capable of taking pictures of the sun, I thought how interesting it would be to take pictures of the ordinary stuff– the landscape, the shadows, the sky in such an odd light. So that’s my goal tomorrow. I have to work but I’ll sneak outside for some shots, especially at the height of it all (which is at about quarter after ten, I believe).
  • I’m already starting to think of my November novel. I’m very likely going to write another romance story but I’m wondering if I should change things up a bit. Maybe change point of view? As an experiment, I started writing a story in the first person. Not sure how I like it yet. We’ll see when I get to the male point of view…

During my lunch break
one day during my lunch break…