TWITL – week thirty-five – long weekend

maybe you’re waiting
amused by my wanderings
knowing I’ll return

Random musings, bullet style…

  • We’ve been watching Friends on Netflix. It’s funny and strange watching the show. Although it’s a product of its time (mostly fashions and such), the themes are still relevant. Some of the situations make me want to roll my eyes but that could just be my age showing. I was HIGHLY amused during the one episode where Joey finds the novel Rachel is reading under her bed. It’s sounds like it’s a “bodice ripper” and he is scandalized that she’s reading “porn.” It made me say aloud, “Wait, I write porn?!” (I’m sure some people might call it thusly but I don’t even consider it “erotica.”) Anyhoo, it’s been fun watching the eps I’ve caught…
  • 800 Words – It is super awesome that I’m able to watch this show! We’ve finished with the first series and we have now begun the second. Not only is it beautifully shot in a gorgeous setting, the show it well written and well acted, led by one of my favorites, Erik Thomson. I love watching his work and it’s crazy to think that I’ve been following him for close to twenty years. Where has the time gone?!…  I definitely recommend 800 Words if you have Acorn TV or live down under. Here’s an article that gives a good rundown: Why You Should be Watching the New Zealand drama 800 Words
  • The weather has been hot, much too hot. It’s suppose to cool down this week. Fingers crossed!

Erik Thomson on 800 Words
Erik Thomson on 800 Words

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