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TWITL – week thirty-six – how do you remember

do you forget
the trying times
the complications
the drawn out drama
do you forget
the selfishness
the childishness
the constant bid for attention
do you forget
the sacrifice
the lows and highs
the weakness and the strength
how do you balance
how do you honor
how do you remember

So I had a whole different post that I started yesterday but I’ve decided not to post it. I’ve only left the poem.

We visited the MIL in Auburn yesterday because we knew her time was very short. Although her eyes were open, she was not really responsive. Her breathing was labored and at times she was wheezing. She looked so different, so small and frail. I wondered if she was “there” and just unable to respond to any of us. I almost hoped that she wasn’t and that she was dreaming and seeing those who went before her. When we left, we knew it would be the last time we’d see her. She died in the early morning hours…

The best thing I can say about the MIL is that she raised a good son and for that I am ever grateful…