TWITL – week forty-three – counting down to #NaNoWriMo

should I step into the light
take that breath
reveal the very heart of me
should I face those fears
banish the doubts
take that chance to shine
should I let go
chase that dream teasing me
just beyond my reach

Just a few more days and I will be writing my latest story for National Novel Writing Month. I’m excited! I’ve been writing a prequel and it’s going to probably not going to get a proper end when I start writing the actual story. It was really more an exercise to get into the heads of my characters. Hopefully I can write the actual story without thinking too much of the prequel.

Blindspot – Season three premiered on Friday! I love having Sully back on my tv and as much as I don’t care for the Jane/Weller love match, I realize that I have to accept it because that’s where they are. Maybe they can have the kind of relationship that weathers every storm? What a novelty!… My favorite part of the episode (besides seeing everyone again) was the too few parts with Weller and his baby. Sully looks so cute and natural with babies. I’ve always thought so. It’s one of those weird but wonderful things about him… I know that I probably wouldn’t watch the show if it weren’t for Sully but I’m happy enough with it to keep watching with devotion. I do enjoy the crazy plots and great character moments. I think if you sit down and give the show a chance, it’s an intriguing way to spend an hour.

Stranger Things 2 – We binge watched the second season. What can I say without mentioning spoilers? Hmmm. Well, I very much enjoyed it. I liked learning more about the characters. I liked the new characters. I liked the mystery and the darkness as well as the lighter moments and the laughter. Of course now I’m sad that I don’t have more episodes to watch. We even broke up our viewing into three sessions. If you watched the first season then of course you must watch the second season!

The Orville – We just watched the latest ep today. It was an interesting episode that entertained and frustrated on different levels. It was frustrating watching the characters act in a stupid fashion but it was also entertaining to watch. I do like the show. It’s not perfect but it’s in earnest and I like that…

The World Series is something we’re watching in passing. I’m cheering for the Astros… Do you ever just want to smack some sense into people? Yeah, don’t we all?… It makes me crazy that Star Trek Discovery can only be watched behind a paywall. To me it defies the inclusive spirit of the show. It’s already been renewed, which I suppose means it’s worth it for the network. Still, I think it’s a damn shame that people willing to watch commercials aren’t good enough to watch a Star Trek show… Hoping the weather starts to cool down because it’s a bummer to enjoy air conditioning in late October. What the heck?!

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