TWITL – week forty-two – the answer

has he been drifting
satisfied in solitude
denying his heart

Random musings

  • I am super anxious to start my National Novel Writing Month story. I don’t know if all this “pre-writing” is helping me. Well, maybe it is in that I’m getting a feel for the characters. It’s a nice test of which secondary characters I want to use for the main story. And it is good practice writing in the first person. I think this could be the first story I’ve ever written in the first person. It should be quite interesting come intimate moments time. (Because unlike last year, I am going to write the details of the intimate scenes. Last year I left most of it to the imagination.)
  • The weather finally turned a bit cooler toward the end of the week and I was able to wear my All Blacks scarf a couple of times this week. Glorious! Maybe it’ll soon be cold enough to finally wear my Love Your Melon beanies too. I’d really love that.
  • Speaking of my All Blacks, they lost today against the Wallabies. I’m a little disappointed but I know they’re still an awesome team and they cannot win them all. It’s a good for them to have strong competition. It was good to see the Wallabies play better. I love my All Blacks but I like seeing their usual rivals play well. (And I consider the Wallabies and the Springboks their strongest rivals.)
  • I’m still without my own PC at home. The hubby so kindly added a profile for me on his Mac mini so we’re sharing a desktop right now. It’s neat working on a Mac again but I still can’t play around with my music. I do love being entrenched in the whole Apple ecosystem. It pretty much rocks being able to text message from the Mac mini.
  • At work, I put in for a standing desk from Vari. I’m seriously excited about it. It’ll be cool being able to stand and work on my computer. Fun times!… I’m part of the test group for our cloud based email. I love being able to try out the tech stuff. So far so good. And now I don’t have to worry about how much space my mail is taking.


  • A-ha – One of my friends posted an A-ha video on Facebook, which led to me buying their MTV Unplugged – Summer Solstice album. I love hearing unplugged versions of their songs! Morten Harket still has a beautiful voice.  “Take On Me” is simply haunting…
  • Jordan Davis – “Take It From Me” – Jordan released a new song on Friday. Well, new to you if you’ve never heard it before. Love this version of the song! Go find it at your favorite digital music retailer. It’s pretty awesome.
  • Carly Pearce – Every Little Thing – Carly’s new album is out. Go get it! I’ve spun the album a couple of times and I just love it. I know I like her because I saw her live and she just entranced me. Plus I love that she loves wine. The title track is amazing but I’m also loving “Hide the Wine,” “If My Name Was Whiskey,” and “Dare Ya.”
  • Russell Dickerson – Yours – I really dug his EP so I couldn’t pass on his album. I haven’t listened to all of it all the way through but I have a feeling I’m going to dig it. Right now I’m listening to “You Look Like a Love Song” and it’s definitely a toe tapper.
  • Lacy Cavalier – “Every Time It Rains” – This girl is a power vocalist and a great songwriter. Seriously loving this song. She never disappoints.


  • You know that Xfinity commercial where the mother goes on a Girls Night Out and leaves her children at home WITH THEIR FATHER/HER HUSBAND? That commercial annoys the F**K out of me because 1) she’s leaving her kids with their father/her husband yet 2) she feels the need to spy on them on her phone, WTF is up with that? Does she not trust her husband, the father of her children? Is he SO incompetent that he doesn’t know how to take care of his own children?! I wouldn’t have batted an eye if she was leaving her kids with a babysitter but it’s pretty obvious to me that she’s leaving them with their father. I find it fairly insulting and every time I see it, I just want to throw something. Because let’s be super honest here, if that commercial had the roles reversed (father going out and mother staying in) and the father did the same thing, people would be in an uproar.
  • Sully on BlindspotBlindspot is back on Friday, October 27th! I need my Sully fix!!! Plus I do enjoy the show. It’s one of the only shows I watch in real time and it is all because of Sullivan Stapleton. I know, I’ve said that before but I will keep saying it. He is the reason that I watch the show and he’s the reason I watch it in real time. He’s making it easy for me to be a good fangirl for him. He’d better appreciate it. I’m going to believe he does.
  • Simon
    I’m wondering what gig would have Simon sporting that side ink there. Hmmm. I hope he says what is is sometime soon because I want to keep an eye out! Also yes, he’s still on my list. (Was there any doubt?)