TWITL – week thirty-nine – fall break ahead

let me feel you close
your soft breath warm on my skin
your touch such a thrill

Happy October! It doesn’t feel like autumn quite yet but the temperatures have cooled ever so slightly, thank goodness. Fall Break has begun for the schoolchildren out here, which means the student parking lot across the street will be mostly empty. Joy!

I’ve been imagining a short scene in my head and the person I imagined for this scene posted an image of himself in the same lighting I was imagining. I think this means I need to write the scene before I forget it.

Sully in Strike Back
I miss Strike Back sometimes…

I’m getting myself revved up to write in the first person for NaNoWriMo by writing a “pre-story” using the characters. I’ve almost decided on names for the characters. I’m hoping the prequel to the main story will help me find the voices of the character. It will be interesting writing from a male perspective…

Simon on Unforgettable

The service for my mother-in-law will be on Friday, October 6, which is the sixth anniversary of my father-in-law’s death. It was just a coincidence but I think it’s a nice coincidence. I posted about it on my Facebook and people have been very kind with their condolences… I made an online album of photos that I have of the MIL. I didn’t really have any of her after the FIL died…

I’m glad Fall Break has started. I’m taking a couple of days off each week. It’ll be nice… πŸ™‚