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My Listworthy 9 @simonkass @tylerrichmusic @jensenackles @willgreglee @philipwinchestr @edwardquinn

My Listworthy 9
My Listworthy Nine = Jensen, Greg, Ed, Taylor, Philip, Sully, Sam, Tyler, Simon

A little love letter to my Listworthy fellas… (And my 50,000th tweet!)

Truly, my Listworthy posts are my love letters to you. But you knew that, right? And maybe it’s been years since I’ve written yours or perhaps just a few of months ago but they were done with all affection and adoration. It is my way of showing my regard as well as sharing the love and giving my little world the reasons for adoring you.

Sometimes I wonder how you took the post. Did it startle you? Did it freak you out? Did you think, “What the balls with this lady?!” Or were you flattered and happy yet still wondering what the hell?

When I posted your Listworthy, I had butterflies fluttering inside before I hit publish. Would you read it? Would you respond? Would you disappear? Would you tell your friends? Would you laugh about it, get teased about it, curse me to the heavens for the attention? Or would you even notice?

I don’t know if you’ve read your Listworthy (although I believe some of your family and friends have). None of you have ever really responded (and I never expected it at all). None of you have really disappeared. I always hope that you took it in the spirit it was written– something real and true, in gratitude for the inspiration you’ve wrought in me and the generosity you’ve shown to me if we’ve ever interacted. I will always adore you, whether I show it these days or not. I think we know the one I’m currently publicly adoring but it doesn’t mean I don’t still adore the ones before him and that there won’t be more after him. I’ll never say someone is the last because another one always comes along.

Maybe you didn’t even know I wrote a Listworthy for you (my early ones were before some of you were on twitter or instagram, so no way to tag you). Maybe you’re reading this now and thinking, “What the hell is she talking about?” Maybe you’re looking for the link of your Listworthy (I’ll post those at the end of this). Maybe you’re just bored and reading this because why the hell not?

I’ve been very lucky to meet a couple of you (which made it a little weird to even write the Listworthy) and thankfully we are a bit like friends. I truly treasure all our moments together and I hope that you always remember me with fondness because I know I will always think of you thusly. As for the rest of you, I’d LOVE to meet you someday and I promise to be delighted and adoring. Let’s make it happen.

Thank you, my Listworthy, for bestowing some attention my way. They are truly bits of sunshine to me and I am always grateful for any of it. I’m sure you think I’m a little off kilter but I like to think I’m merely perpetually boycrazy, in that innocent and cute way. Mostly. Thank you for the inspiration! (A few of you have played parts in my stories and maybe someday I’ll actually publish them and you can fight about which one I was using in this story or that.) Thank you for your time when we’ve talked. Thank you for being ever so lovely with me whether in person or online. It goes a long way with me…

keep me in suspense
and keep me at a distance
so here I will wait
still in wonder
if the right words slip soft
and you realize
nothing you want
is real until we meet
do I dare hope
even as you keep me
silent in waiting wonder

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