TWITL – week forty-five – middle of #NaNoWriMo

Day 11 stats

I’ve slowed down a bit on the writing. I wanted to be further in my story by now. The word count is still ahead of pace and if I keep going, I should have the novel finished before the month’s end. It’s my goal! I also want to write more than the 50,000, which is a real possibility. Fingers crossed!

I am a few tweets away from my 50,000th tweet. Isn’t that nuts?! I already know what I’m going to post (it’ll be something about my Listworthy fellas). Now I just need to time it right. I don’t really want to tweet just to get to 50,000 but it’s making me a little anxious when I see that I have just six tweets before I can post that milestone.

ETA: After I post this, my next tweet will be my 50,000th! Crazy! I suppose I should just do it now…