TWITL – week forty-six – in the #NaNoWriMo groove

day 29 word count

I’m off for Thanksgiving week and I am utterly thankful for it! Last week’s highlights include:

  • Working on my National Novel Writing Month novel. I’ve slowed down in parts and I think I didn’t even hit the usual average one day but as of yesterday I was still quite above pace. My story is probably very likely going to be more than the 50,000 words and I’m shooting for 60,000. I think I have that much story left. It’s very interesting and fun writing characters who are played by people I know (and yes, obviously don’t know). I like to think that unless you know me, you can picture your own people playing the characters. I don’t know if I’ll let anyone read this particular story. We shall see…
  • FINALLY got my standing desk at work! Is it wrong to be excited about my work space? No, I didn’t think so. Anyhoo, the desk arrived on Thursday so I only got to “play” with it for one whole work day. I need to get the power strip mounted to underside of my desk then I’ll be set with bringing my desk up and down when I work. Oh, and I do want a wireless keyboard and mouse. Next on the list!
  • It’s great having the hubby work downtown! We both don’t need to drive to work, if we wanted. We can walk, if we wanted. Right now, we drive. I drop him off and mosey my way to my work. After work, we meet somewhere and then head home. It is FANTASTIC working five minutes or so from work.
  • We checked out the Holiday Parade downtown on Sunday evening. It was fun! It was long! And my cousin and his wife were in the parade! It was so weird seeing them. And nice too, of course! I broke the spectator line to say hello to them. I seriously love the little hometown feel of Brentwood.
  • I feel like the USPS has lost my latest buys at I will be SO SAD if that is the case because I was really looking forward to having those pieces. 🙁  According to the USPS, my items have been on their way to Brentwood for the past five days. Grrr…