TWITL – week forty-nine – seeing @TylerRichMusic again!

Okay, how funny is it that this is week forty-nine and we saw Tyler Rich Thursday night while I was wearing my 49er jacket? Also, we’re all San Francisco 49er fans. Coincidence? Sure. But interesting enough to note? Heck yes.

Tyler Rich on stage in Stockton

Thursday night’s venue was the Bob Hope Theater in Stockton. Dustin Lynch was the headliner with Ryan Hurd and Tyler as the openers. This is the closest to home that Tyler has performed so it was pretty exciting for me. No long drive or staying overnight just to see him. The drive was under an hour each way, which was great for the hubby.

We arrived early enough to walk down a couple of blocks to Taps Bar and Grill. We had a beer and dinner (BLT for me) then we walked back to the Bob Hope Theater, stood in line for a little bit while they checked us at the door. We’ve been to the Bob Hope Theater before (for Kevin James) and it’s a nice place. The seats are a little tight but for the most part comfortable. The acoustics were great as each act sounded amazing!

TYLER RICH – Tyler and the band were freakin’ awesome on stage! Tyler is really owning the stage now and he sounded so good. The band was great as well, of course! It sort of bums me out that I knew like two songs (and one was a cover!) but I loved all the songs he did, of course. Tyler, when are you going to release some new music?! (I always forget to ask these questions when he’s right in front of me. Maybe I’m just distracted? Who knows.) I really did love how his voice sounded (though I always do, to be honest). We weren’t very close to the stage, which gave us a view of the whole stage, which was nice. But am I spoiled when I say it’s a slight bummer that when he can’t see us from the stage? Yeah, that sounds sooo spoiled.

RYAN HURD – I know I’ve heard at least one Ryan Hurd sung song before last night but the only song I really knew was “You Look Good,” the Lady Antebellum song that he wrote. I was very much digging Ryan’s vibe on stage. He has very nice moves and a strong voice and great songwriting skills. He was a total treat to watch and I was so impressed that I bought his EP this morning. You should too. His songs have a sexy groove to them and watching him sing them just makes it all better.

DUSTIN LYNCH – We’ve seen Dustin before (when he opened for Luke Bryan last year) and as a performer he pretty much wants to party. I was on my feet and dancing (or what passes for dancing with me) for a lot of his set. I enjoyed his performance, though the music sounded great, and it made me appreciate the songs from his new album a bit more. He’s cute to boot too.

All in all, a great show!

During Ryan’s set, I saw Tyler’s friends walk up the other side of the theater and I thought, “Oh, those lucky guys,” because I knew they were probably hanging out backstage or in the green room with Tyler. Later, I looked over and they were standing on the other side and there was a third with them. When the hubby told me it was Tyler, I got up and walked out just to walk back in where Tyler and his friends were. I got to say hello, got a hug, said hi to his friends. I probably should have taken Tyler out to the lobby for a picture at that point since we had to wait later for him to come out after Dustin was finished. Tyler asked after the hubby (awww!) and I told him we’d see him later. After the show, we waited around because I wanted a picture with Tyler (of course!). It took awhile but he finally came out and I got another hug, a few words (he liked my Niner jacket), then a couple of pictures with him. And then we were off!

As always, it’s was great to see Tyler and have a moment with him. I’ve come to expect it and I will cherish every time it happens because one day, it just might not happen. And I hope I’ll be all right with that. I think I will be…

with Tyler in Stockton