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TWITL – week four – fangirl love shift

Inevitably, the tide of my fangirl love changes. Time and more knowledge of the object of affection works to erode the heat of that rush of discovery. Sometimes the adoration turns into something steady and sweet, soft and comforting. Sometimes the adoration crumbles into a memory, usually pleasant and easy. In rare moments, the adoration gives way to something opposite, striving for indifference after the dislike.

I am a loyal fangirl. I talked about Ryan Gosling a fair amount of years before most people knew his name. I can tell stories about meeting Karl Urban that still make people laugh a little. I will check on Mark Mulder even though he retired from baseball years ago. I will promote my favorites– their acting gigs, their shows, their albums. And I do so because it makes me happy to spread joy and to share the awesome and lovely.

So the current state of my fangirl loving has shifted a bit. My other favorites are drawing my attention again in different ways, as if reminding me that they’re still there and that I still adore them. And I do still adore them all. It’s definitely delighting me seeing Tom Hardy and Taylor Kitsch post on instagram. I was really surprised about Kitsch. And it looks like Tom Hardy is/was in San Francisco filming. SO CLOSE! How could he be so close and I didn’t know until now? I would LOVE to meet him. Alas!


  • We took the 4K plunge! Now I can watch the two 4K movies I’ve so far purchased as well as the 4K movies in our iTunes library. Glorious! It’s going to be fun finding 4K stuff to watch. Now when I actually buy movies, I’m going to have to go with 4K discs. Fun times…
  • I upgraded my iPad! Now I have more space for apps and media. Super cool. I might have to carry it around and really put it through the paces. I downloaded some movies as well as some music just to have something on it in case I don’t have any WiFi and such. I loved my other iPad but it only had 16 GB of space and I could only have so many apps on it…


“Barely Friends, But with Benefits” – I started filling between the dialogue but it’s slow going at the moment. I think I’m at that point of losing creative gas with all of my on going stories. I’d like to finish this one. I think it’s more of a short story or novella. We shall see…

“The Little One” – Quite stalled on this one but I am determined to finish it…

Falling Into Place – I’m still in the editing stage with this story. I think I want to definitely change stuff towards the last third of the story but whenever I start reading through it, I like it. Ugh!


Sully on Blindspot

My busy time of year starts this week. Hopefully I’m prepared for it. I’ll have to say the same thing many times a day and hopefully sound pleasant when I’m saying it.

Jordan Davis is going to be in San Jose on Wednesday and I won’t be there. Alas! It’ll be a good show, I’m sure, and he’s going to make some new fans for sure. Hope my friends get pictures with him…

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