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TWITL – week three – music makes the world go ’round

Devin Dawson – DARK HORSE – I had pre-ordered this album and it finally dropped on Friday. It is so good. I find myself liking this song but then no, that song. Truthfully, I think I have some kind of love for all the songs. I am really digging “Symptoms,” “Secondhand Hurt,” “Placebo,” and “Second to Last.” I bet next week I’ll have different favorites from the album. Go get it. You’ll find something to love, I promise…

Jordan Davis – HOME STATE (pre-order) – I pre-ordered this album, which comes out March 23rd. OMG, I cannnot wait! The tracklist was in an article and I know six of the twelve songs. SUPER SWEET! I usually pre-order the digital album but I wanted a signed CD so I have to wait for the actual CD to arrive. It’s going to probably kinda kill me unless he’s going to offer a digital code to go along with the physical CD? I can dream, right?

Tyler Rich – “The Difference” – Tyler is teasing his upcoming single and OMG, I want to hear it NOW. It’s coming out soon. Very soon. Y’all will know when it comes out because I’ll be talking about it on twitter, instagram, facebook, snapchat, and wherever else I might be. In the meantime, if you haven’t gotten his EP Valerie, you might want to do it soon. Not sure if it’ll stay up once his single drops…

“Barely Friends, But With Benefits” – Sometimes stories just pop into my head even if I’m already working on something else and this one is one of them. Apparently Sullivan Stapleton is tired of me using Simon Kassianides in my stories because the first line of this story is:

“I knew you’d come back to me.”

And it just goes from there, this story starring Sully. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to tell the story in 1st person or 3rd person, so I posted a poll on my twitter. I had a very decent response. Even though it was even (12 votes), it was 67% to 33% for 1st person. Of course, by the time the poll was over, I was about a dozen pages into it with just dialogue. It’s been a great exercise in writing because I don’t really think this hard about writing in just the character’s spoken words. It’s usually a fair mix and here I am just writing dialogue for this story. It might just be a short story but I’ll just keep going and see what happens. Or maybe I’ll keep it all as dialogue. Would that be weird? It might be.

“The Little One” – This story is at a pause but I do intend on working on it whenever the other story lets me go a little. The main characters are on a date so the “little one” isn’t involved at the moment. I love this story a lot and the little one in the story is just so adorable. He’s the one driving the love (it is a romance, after all).

Falling Into Place – Still trying to do some editing on this story. I think it’ll be a good thing to step away from it for awhile and let it settle before trying to tackle any editing. Of course I say that and I’m sure the next thing I do is take a look at it and fiddle with it.

I commented on Sullivan Stapleton’s instagram post and he LIKED IT! I woke up in the middle of the night and checked my phone (I know, what the hell?!) and saw the like. I thought I’d wake up properly the next morning and find out it was a dream. Nope, not a dream… I love getting the likes and replies by my favorites and even better when it’s just so random and unexpected. It helps when certain favorites just don’t respond anymore. I always love any response from Aleks Paunovic (he’s so sweet!) and I’m super tickled when Luke Mitchell clicks that heart on my tweets.

Likes & replies

I love the sunshine that comes my way and sometimes I just have to share. 😉

Oh, and here’s a poem I wrote this week…

maybe it’s time to drift apart
dream different dreams
before you break my heart
maybe it’s time to let you go
eye another smile
before you knonw
maybe it’s time to forget
let it fade
before it turns to regret
maybe it’s time to pretend
this was just a moment
always meant to end