TWITL – week seven – fangirl highs & lows

It’s been an awesome week or so for me as a fangirl. Tyler’s song “The Difference” is getting a lot of play and my Strike Back boys will be appearing in the last two episodes of the current season. Huzzah!

Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton
Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton doing that Strike Back thing again…

But first, a little housekeeping.

Apparently a person I was following on Instagram thought it would be cool to block me from viewing her public profile. This is someone I do not know. I have never met her. I started following her because she began appearing in one of my fella’s posts and since I like seeing my fellas, I thought why not follow her too since she’ll probably post pics of him? I commented a few times and liked a few of her posts and I watched her instagram stories and I enjoyed seeing my fella in her posts.

Then Thursday morning this week, I checked my instagram, saw the fella posted and decided to check his lady’s account and LO, I was no longer following her AND her page showed a “No Posts Yet” message. You know what that means? It means that she BLOCKED me.


I make sure that when I post about my fellas, I am respectful and adoring and I constantly worry that I might be crossing the line but I know that I have definitely seen much much worse from other so-called “fans.” I’ve only been polite and admiring to this particular fella so I’m not sure why his lady felt it necessary to block me. And how did she even know to block me? What made her single me out from seeing her posts? If you look back at my recent instagram posts, I haven’t really posted much on this fella in the last week or so. (Tyler and the Strike Back boys have been commandeering my attention of late.) So what exactly triggered her to make this move?

I’m at a loss. I really have no idea.

Here’s the thing– I get it, it’s weird that I’m a fangirl. I’ve learned to embrace this part of myself and it brings me more joy than not in so many different ways. I’m not super obsessed with just one actor or singer or whatever. I spread my fangirl love to lots of people. I love them in different ways, on different levels, but I do live in the real world. Whatever I put out there online is just a piece of me, not the whole of me. And I choose to be adoring and loving towards my fellas because it makes me feel good and I’m sure they don’t mind the attention. I strive to be supportive and loving and as inoffensive as I can be. When my fellas have ladies in their lives, I’ll follow them too if they’re public. I’ve even been lucky enough to befriend a few of them (fellas and ladies) and we get along quite well and they actually consider me a friend. I’m a nice person or at least try to be, whether online or in “real life.”

But hey you, stranger in another country, go on and block me from seeing your public profile. I was really only there to check out my fella, someone I admire for his talent and such. You have justified my first impression of you.

As for the fella, I still adore him. I hope he does not follow his lady’s example because that would be utterly disappointing…

ANYHOO! Onward to more awesome things like…

TYLER RICH – My lovelies, click on this link and listen/buy “The Difference.” I promise you, it’s a lovely song and he sings it so well. I’ve been listening to it every day and I love it each and every listen. He has a gem of a song. It has some cross genre appeal too, if you’re into that. Truly though, it’s a great song and I think everyone should listen to it…

Smiles on Philip & Sully

STRIKE BACK – OH MY GOODNESS, Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton are going to make an appearance on the latest iteration of Strike Back. It was announced this week and I went into fangirl overdrive! Even now, the thought of seeing Philip and Sully as Michael and Damien again is enough to make me weep. I AM SO EXCITED. I want just two things – 1) to hear Sully say “F**k me” at least once and 2) for Scott and Stonebridge to make it out alive. Simple, right? I’m sure I’ll get number one more than once but number two? Fingers crossed!

Black Panther – WOW! I watched the first showing on Friday and I thought it was rather amazing. It spoke to me on so many different levels. I loved all the technology, the kickass royal guard, the drama, the humor– I loved everything. I loved the ferocity of the warrior women so much. They were so awesome! The movie was deep in some parts for me but it was also a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see it again!


I think the annoyance of being blocked could work its way into one of my stories. Turn this weird energy into something else, create something from the negativity to put it in its place. Until that moment, I’ll end this post with a fun shot of Sullivan Stapleton:

Sully being cheeky