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TWITL – week six – #TheDifference by @TylerRichMusic

“The Difference”Tyler Rich

Tyler’s single “The Difference” dropped on Friday, February 9th and OH MY GOODNESS, I’m already in love with it. I bought it as soon as I could on iTunes (2101 hrs) and listened to it on repeat until bedtime. It’s catchy and sweet and I LOVE IT so much. I am so happy the song is amazing and it feels like it’s gotten a fair amount of momentum. Tyler was SiriusXM The Highway’s Highway Find the same day the song released and he performed at Margaritaville for Music Row Happy Hour later that day. SO AWESOME!

Do I love the song merely because it’s Tyler singing it? Umm, no. I would not be this enthusiastic and high on the song if it wasn’t something that has already seeped into my soul. I love everything about the song and I cannot wait to hear him sing it live. I will say it’s a little startling to hear him sing a song that’s gone through the production process. It’s not overly produced but it’s not acoustic either. Still, his voice shines on it and the slight vocal manipulations will likely not be noticeable to most. I love the lyrics and the story the song tells. It’s personal and relatable on different levels. The person in the song wants to be the difference and I know Tyler wants to be the difference to the listeners too.

Make “The Difference” one of your musical buys at your favorite digital retailer. If you listen to the radio, request the song. If you’re on social media, give the song and Tyler a mention whenever the mood hits you. If you stream your music, add him to your playlists and spin the song on repeat. And while you’re at it, check out his other music.

“Barely Friends, But with Benefits” – The more I listen to “The Difference,” the more the song seems to relate a bit to this story. My characters are barely friends, skirting the casual kind of dalliance arrangement but they definitely want more and the fella in the story has decided to make his move. I find is amusing how Tyler’s new song has bits that relate to my latest story…

“The Little One” – I actually worked a little on this story this past week. Nothing too substantial though. I don’t think I even got a page’s worth of story written on it. So slow!

“Off the Top Drama” (vignette) – No, I don’t have a better name for it. This is so far just a scene between a couple who are on the brink of calling it quits. He’s accused her of doing something she hasn’t done and she’s trying to end it even though now he’s realized his mistake. Does she forgive him? Does he really truly show her he’s serious about his apology or is it merely closure for him? I don’t know yet but it’s fun trying to write a bit that has some drama and tears in it…


The busy time at work has been busy but I don’t mind it. I need to catch up on the logging of requests but otherwise, I think it’s been fine so far. One of the schools has WAY MORE requests than the other schools so hopefully they all get approved nonetheless because it’s just easier on me. But we don’t do all of this to make things easier on me so we shall see what happens…

Crab feed
crab feed goodness

We went to a crab feed last night. SO MUCH CRAB! It was fun eating all the crab and catching up with our friends. For some reason, the place wouldn’t allow for open flames so those folks who like to melt their own butter had to be sneaky about it or depend on the butter the organization was providing in small little cups. I don’t dip the crab in butter, thank you very much. I love eating crab and getting my hands all food dirty. There was tri-tip as well, which was different but yummy. Didn’t stop me from eating way too much crab, I tell ya.

noble ones
hey, look, we took a picture together!