TWITL – week eleven – end of the quarter

The third quarter of the school year ended on Friday, marking the beginning of Spring Break. MOST GLORIOUS! I am making some long weekends to break up the two weeks. It’ll be awesome!

Tyler's last show at the G Bar
a year ago, in the wee hours

A year ago was Tyler’s last show at the G Bar. Now he has his first single out in the world and he’s doing his radio tour. Part of me still misses those G Bar days, having him that close, hearing him sing for all of us, talking to him between sets. I enjoyed them as they happened and I wished them to end because when they ended, it meant he was on to bigger and better things. I cherish the memories of those moments and I am glad for the friendships I made during those nights. They are the foundation of my continued love for Tyler and his music…

the day before St. Patrick's Day
the night before St. Patrick’s Day

We didn’t do the pub crawl for St. Patrick’s Day because when we drove by, we saw lines to our locals. LINES to get in! And it wasn’t even dark yet. What the heck?! So we decided to skip the festivities (or “shit show” as the hubby said). Good thing we went to Tailgaters the night before for some corned beef and cabbage. It was good, a bit salty, but I devoured it.

Sully on Blindspot

How obvious is it that my fangirl heart has turned towards Sully again? Truth be told, I never stopped with him. He is one of my constants. If you know me, you know that much. The better question is why is my attention fixed on Sully again? You know, besides the fact that he’s pretty awesome, makes Blindspot the reason I even watch it, and can make me long for Strike Back with a snap of the fingers? Could it be because he’s easy to slip into my stories and makes all my male characters tough yet vulnerable, loving yet relentless? Maybe it’s all of that…

So why TF am I thinking of writing a short story that doesn’t feature Sully as the lead?

Sully BTS


Hard Sun – In spite of the dark premise, I’m hooked. It’s well done, rather violent, but intriguing. We have two more eps to watch so maybe I’ll have more to say later…

HOME STATE Jordan Davis – The album comes out on Friday and I am SO EXCITED!!! I pre-ordered the physical CD and the digital version because I knew that songs would get released before the full album came out and I was right! The latest song, “More Than I Know,” is one I’d never heard before so it’s been a treat to have a totally new song. I’m feeling good about his album and I think it’s going to be one of my favorites for sure. I love all his songs, to be honest, and I cannot wait to hear the whole album.

Blindspot – Last week’s ep (which involved that BTS pic of Sully above) was SO GOOD!!! My favorite part, not so oddly enough, was the scene with Patterson and Roman in the elevator. It was HILARIOUS and the best part was Luke Mitchell’s mischievous little smile. Oh my! This past week’s ep was good as well but no Sully smiles. Alas!

The Difference” – Tyler Rich – Have you given Tyler’s song a spin? Come on, you know you want to hear it. Go on, click on the link…