TWITL – week seventeen – movie, baseball, cemetery


Avengers: Inifinity War

Avengers: Infinity War – No spoilers from me! I will say that I need to watch this movie at least two more times to really digest the events in the movie. Also, I had to get up twice to the ladies room so I’m missed two parts. Oh no! I don’t think it hurt my viewing but next time, I hope I don’t have to get up… I enjoyed the movie very much. It’s funny and heartbreaking, surprising and action-packed. I loved seeing different characters interact… I was able to go to one of the Friday afternoon showings. The auditorium had a fair amount of people (I watched at the old theatre downtown) with a lot of children in attendance. It was a good crowd… If you’ve watched all the other Marvel movies, then this one is a must watch.

The Osiris Child – We caught this movie on Hulu. I liked it! Daniel McPherson is in it, which is probably the only reason I knew anything about the movie. I thought it was gritty and touching, harsh and riveting. I liked Kellan Lutz in this role. I wonder if there will be a part two to go along with this part one…


Giants v Dodgers 04-28-18

Our first baseball game of the season was the San Francisco Giants against the visiting Los Angeles Dodgers. I’m a fan of neither team but for this game I was cheering on the Giants. They got their asses kicked. Ugh! We didn’t stay for the whole game but we definitely got our fill… We drove to the BART station then took the train to San Francisco. From there we took MUNI to the stadium. It was a beautiful day and even though I care not for the Giants, I do love their ball park. It’s amazing (especially in comparison to the facility for my A’s).

One of my favorite parts of the day at the ball park was seeing Hunter Strickland! He caught the ceremonial first pitch (yes, if I was going to throw the first pitch, I’d want to throw it to Strickland). If I have a favorite Giants player, I choose Strickland. I don’t know why. Maybe you know why.

Giants v Dodgers 04-28-18

I had my hot dog but the churro guy never came by but once and I knew I should have gotten one at that point. Ah well!


at the cemetery

On our way home after the baseball game, we stopped off at the cemetery to visit my grandfather. His death anniversary was the 24th so I wanted to take a moment to visit. It’s always peaceful at his spot and ever lovely. I like visiting there…


During the week, a chance encounter with a fellow high school alum sent me on a reminisce of my Junior Prom then my movie theatre working days. I remember so much about that Junior Prom (maybe someday I’ll tell it here) but then I realized that my Junior Prom was THIRTY YEARS AGO. (Yes, I’m totally dating myself, I know). Someday, my lovelies, may you look back with as much fondness upon your past as I do.

a long time ago
one of my favorite guys from back in the day, ha!

One of my good friends is on her way to the UK and will very likely see Henry Cavill while she’s there. I’m so excited for her! I hope she gets an awesome hug, a lovely photo with him, and lots of tales to tell to make us jealous.

My cousin got married this week! I haven’t even met his wife yet. I’m happy for him and super surprised…

The Suits season finale was this past week. I only mention it because Simon Kassianides was in it! I know, I’ve cooled in my regard for him a bit but it was pretty cool to see him playing a different character. I might be interested enough to watch the show when it premieres. I wonder when it premieres.