TWITL – week thirteen – Happy Easter!

I begin this post on Good Friday, the beginning of my long weekend. I didn’t follow any of the usual Lent practices. I didn’t give up anything and I think I’ve been pretty much eating meat on Fridays. Ah well, I haven’t been a practicing Catholic for many moons. I’m sure that’s pretty evident.

Baseball season has begun! Having T-Mobile as our carrier means that we get again for free this season. I’m going to try and be a good baseball fan and look in on a game every day, if possible. I won’t promise to watch a whole game but why not take advantage, eh?…

one of my Saturday morning mimosas

Saturday we walked to the Farmers Market to pick up stuff for our crock pot meal of the weekend. I also bought a couple of croissants before we headed into Co Co County Wine Co for some drinks. I LOVE their mimosas there. I tried a new one (the pineapple express pictured above) as well as the orange dream. Soooo delicious! One of my recent favorite things is sitting there drinking my mimosa and feel good about buying from the farmers market for our weekend food. It’s pretty awesome that we can walk downtown, buy our stuff, then have drinks at our local bars. Must enjoy it now because the weather is going to turn hot much too soon…

Before and After
before & after

I had my bangs cut on Friday. I’m thinking that my next trip to the salon should be a hair cut but I’m digging the length of my hair and my stylist actually asked me if I had gotten my hair trimmed since the last time I saw her (I had not). I think it just looked pretty healthy to her so that’s good, eh?

Strike Back
Stonebridge & Scott – OMG!!!

Strike Back – Another stellar episode. Have I mentioned how much I’m enjoying the new series? I love the new team and their dynamic. That being said, when Scott and Stonebridge made their entrance, my heart just raced. I WAS SO EXCITED to see them! It was just a little bit in this episode but it was awesome. I love Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester and I think they’re doing great on their current shows BUT they make my fangirl heart flutter when they’re Scott and Stonebridge. I can’t wait to see next week’s episode, which is the season finale. Oh, and good news, the series has been renewed! YES!!!



I meant to write a short story during Spring Break and although I’ve started it, I have not finished it. I don’t know why I can’t discipline myself to write when it’s not National Novel Writing Month. Ah well, it’s always nice to at least start a story, especially since I’m using Henry Cavill as the main fella. (He won the poll I set up on twitter.)
Henry Cavill in Justice League

I have totally stalled on my other stories and have yet to really sit down and start editing my NaNoWriMo novel. It’s all a mess in my head right now and I can’t seem to find my focus…


I hope everyone is having a most wonderful Easter Sunday. I woke up to watch my Crusaders win and now my A’s seem bent on losing. Oh well, can’t have it all, eh?