TWITL – week eighteen – birthday weekend


Happy Birthday to me! Third of May belongs to me and I took the day off and the next to make a long weekend and here we are. I didn’t do much on my actual birthday– twas lazy then had a lovely dinner. On Friday I had sushi for lunch (yah!) then watched Avengers: Infinity War again, but this time in IMAX. Still just as good the second time as the first. Can’t wait to watch it again!

sushi lunch
sushi for lunch

I loved all the birthday wishes. I did troll my fellas and Erik Thomson as well as Tyler Rich happily obliged by wishing me a Happy Birthday. So sweet. And this is why I adore them to bits! I had tagged them as well as Simon Kassianides, Henry Cavill, and Sullivan Stapleton in an Instagram story. I pretty much knew Henry and Sully wouldn’t respond. I seriously had no idea with Simon. Ah well.

Sand Castle
Happy Bday to Henry (May 5)

Not sure why but I’ve been paying a bit more attention to Henry Cavill recently. He’s the fella in my latest story. You’d think I’d be tired of using him and Sully in stories but no, they are pretty much the fellas I use as the main male characters in my stories. It’s just too easy…


Blindspot – I was actually able to watch the episode live! (The previous two episodes were preempted because of Giants baseball. Bah!) Anyhoo, a good episode! Loved hearing Luke Mitchell do yet another accent, this time South African. I enjoyed seeing Bill Nye on the show, especially when he named his nemesis! I wonder how many other people got the reference. I did check twitter and was glad to see a few people comment on it. Now I want to watch some Stargate Atlantis

me on my bday

I tell ya, the right filters can make selfies rather tolerable. LOL