TWITL – week twenty – if your SO is a “celebrity”

Dear Significant Other of My Favorite Fella (other than the lovely Sabina because she deserves her own letter),

I don’t know you and you don’t know me but we have something in common – we both simply adore my fella. In some cases, depending on the fella, I’ve had my sights set on him for longer than you have. I would never dare say that I know him better than you (I don’t) and I would never dare say he’s actually MINE (he absolutely is not) but in the context of being his fan, I am very much one of his. This means that I follow him on the social networks and consequently anyone in his life who has a public profile. I only follow the people in his life for glimpses of HIM. I don’t actually care about YOU unless you show yourself to be interesting and engaging. Sometimes, you are funny and sweet and intriguing. Sometimes you’re insecure and jealous and block people like me even though I’ve never done a goddamn thing to you.

I was going to start with the cool SO but let’s go with the insecure and jealous one first so I can end this on a nice note.

Look, insecure and jealous SO, get a grip on yourself. No one is going to steal your man away from you– not me, not another fan, not anyone. You present your online profile as public but after just a couple of comments (all complimentary, by the way), you thought it would be best to block me. It made me laugh as much as make me mad. But make no mistake, I was only mad because I have to go through other means to check out your profile just to catch glimpses of HIM. So inconvenient! I don’t care about you and your work and vacations and getaways. I only care about HIM. So even though it seriously IRKS me that I have to stealthy check your profile (a modeling one at that, which means you WANT people to look at you but apparently only certain people), I can check it. So if you think you’re truly blocking me, you are NOT. Hence my laughter. I can only hope that you do not treat his other fans as you have treated me because others might call you out by name for your behavior. Even though your little action did make me wonder about him and what he sees in you, this isn’t going to stop me from adoring him and following his work because I do and I will.

To the sweet and funny and intriguing– THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing your man with all of us. It can’t be easy knowing that there are scores of women out there who are eager for a piece of him, a bit of attention, sometimes even more. You handle it all with utter grace and as his fan, I appreciate it. Whether you engage with me or keep to yourself, I know (and most of my fellow fan will agree) that you are the one true light in his life. I know this and always try to keep my adoration respectful of him and of you. I especially admire those of you who aren’t afraid to show a little of yourself even though it’s not necessary. I love seeing YOU and realizing why he loves you so much. Sometimes, I end up liking you as much as my fella! If you have the kind of career that benefits having “fans” sometimes I become one for you too. And the ones who keep to themselves, you’re pretty great too because your man shines when he talks about you. It makes me and other fans love him more.

I hope, whether you can’t handle the fact that your man has fans or you welcome us with open arms, that being with him makes him happy because in the end, we all want the same thing for him– happiness and success. You are a large part of his happiness and I am just a small piece of his success. Don’t forget, the fact that he has fans who appreciate his talent is a large part of his success.

Best wishes,


Deadpool 2 – We saw the first showing on Saturday morning. It was good! I really enjoyed it. I’m going to have to watch it again for those cameos. It was crazy and funny and action packed and irreverent, just like the first movie. It was strange to see Josh Brolin in another movie so soon but also a bit hilarious. Stay for the end credits!… We saw a couple of red band trailers and one of them was freakin’ insane! The Happytime Murders trying not to laugh too loudly but it was difficult. I might have to see that movie if it’s as good as the trailer…


Blindspot – OH MY GOODNESS! What the hell happened in that last episode?! I’m stunned by the deaths (they had it coming but lo, one of them was utterly HEARTBREAKING), the reveal of Blake’s source (WHAT THE BALLS?!), Weller’s condition in the end, Jane’s evil smile at the end. There was so much unloaded at the end that my head is spinning and I’m not sure how I feel about any of it… I have to say that Luke Mitchell was amazing in the finale. HE MADE ME CRY. Part of me wishes… well…
Sully was fantastic as well. I felt like I was holding my breath the last five minutes of the episode and part of it was because of him. Can I just say once again that I am glad that the show is coming back next season? Yes, I am SO GLAD for more Sully on my tv…


“Downtown’s Dead” – Sam Hunt – Oh my, Sam released a new song this past week!!! I suppose I’m going to love his music even as he nickels and dimes us on releasing. I bought the song without hearing more than a few seconds of it because of course I did. And I like the song. I’ll likely love it quite soon since I’m sure to listen to it at least once a day.

Tyler’s song’s “The Difference” is now the most played song in my iTunes library, beating out Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time.” I listen to “The Difference” every work night as I fall asleep, so that has to be the reason why it’s been played almost 1900 times in just a few months as opposed to “Take Your Time” reaching the top spot after at least a couple of years.

And the following showed up on my FB page. A little foreshadowing, eh?



I didn’t watch the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during its live broadcast, instead waiting until the afternoon. I forwarded through a lot of the start with the guests arriving and such but I actually watched the whole ceremony. I thought it was so lovely. Love truly shone in their eyes. My very favorite part of the whole thing was the cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason. He was AMAZING! I’ve been on a classical music kick for the past couple of weeks and hearing it being played live like that was so beautiful…

I caught glimpses of some of the guests and the ones that I remember are Tom Hardy and his wife Charlotte Riley, Gina Torres, Patrick Adams, Abigail Spencer, Idris Elba. There were many more but those were the ones who caught my eye… The Queen looked ever so stylish. Can I be as stylish as her when I’m that age? I wonder, what does she have in her purse? I loved her outfit very much…


The “letter” that opened this post sprung from a conversation I was having with one of my friends. She’s getting a strange vibe from the girlfriend of one of her favorites. Nothing personal but she senses that the girlfriend isn’t genuine. My “letter” will hopefully be the last time I mention the one who irritates me. I want to get to that point of indifference and not be so annoyed whenever I check out her profile for HIM. Maybe I’m just spoiled because I’ve met a total sweetheart and I compare all others to her. Maybe I feel the slight more sharply because I expect people to be nicer than not. Ah well. I wonder, would it help to actually name the offender? Nah, probably not.

But I’ll tell you if you ask me…