TWITL – week twenty-eight – Seeing @TylerRichMusic on Saturday

It was a hot summer day on Saturday and we headed out to McClellan for the 101.9 The Wolf COUNTRY JAM at the Jackson Sports Academy. Craig Campbell was the headliner, along with Ashley Barron, Jimmie Allen, Josh Gracin but we were going for Tyler Rich.

Let me start with the not so cool part– the venue was indoors. Now on a hot summer’s day this should have been good news because the thought would be there’s some kind of air conditioning. Well, no air conditioning. It was definitely in the 90s. I was so sweaty for most of our time in there and my only comfort was that everyone else was suffering the same way. Goodness!

Now for the good stuff!

the good times with good people
good times with such good people

I got to see my friends! It was great catching up with everyone and spending time with them even though it was hot as balls in that place. Seeing Joanne, Kiersten, Megan, and Hayley, meeting Jessica, hanging with Vince, chatting with Ivan– all good times! We saw Sabina early on and got a quick group picture together then I didn’t see her again until after Tyler’s set. We saw Tyler during Jimmie Allen’s set and I had a chance to chat a little with him. We also took a picture together and he didn’t have a hat on! I also gave him my usual envelope which made his face light up.

with a hatless Tyler
capless Tyler & me

A rundown on the artists in order of appearance:

Ashley Barron – She was energetic and lively. I didn’t know any of her songs but she had the crowd going.

Jimmie Allen – WOW! He is so good! He sounded great, he had great stage presence. I am definitely going to buy his album when it comes out.

Josh Gracin – Tyler wrote a song with Gracin when he first arrived in Nashville (I don’t think it was ever released) but I remember one of his songs from several years ago.

Tyler – As always, he was amazing! Songs he played: “Where I Want to Be” (title?), “Turn It Up,” “California Grown,” “I Can Teach Ya,” “Adrenaline,” and “The Difference.” (I think that was all of them but not in order.) As always, it’s a treat watching Tyler live and I’m glad to have finally witnessed “The Difference” live and in person. So good!

Craig Campbell – We didn’t stay for his whole set. He sounded good but I don’t think I knew any of the songs we heard.

I bought a meet and greet for Tyler because I wasn’t sure I’d get a chance to catch him before or after his set in a more casual setting. I went to the line after his set and waited with the other fans. Sabina came out at some point while we were all waiting but I didn’t want to get out of line to say hello again to her. I figured that I’d see her again when I was finished with the meet and greet. I had something for her too so I knew I’d have to see her. She actually ended up coming into the room during the meet and greet.

with Tyler
my meet and greet shot with Tyler

It was lovely getting an “official” shot with Tyler. It was my second one with him. I think it turned out rather nice, eh? My friend took video and it should be a fun watch.

After a quick chat with my friends, I headed over to Sabina and she was just soooo sweet. I seriously love that lady. We hugged, I gave her a card, we chatted a little, we took some pictures together. I love her new jean jacket. It’s a custom one. Oh, and I saw her beautiful ring.

with Sabina
seriously, I adore this one

I left the room soon after and we headed home after a couple of Craig Campbell songs. All in all, a good time in spite of all the heat. Was the sweat worth it? Yes, for me it was…

Tyler on stage