TWITL – week twenty-six – summer break

Let’s see, what happened last week? I’m late again in posting my weekly rundown. I should have gotten this up during the weekend but as I’m on summer break, I’ve turned into quite a lazy being in that I don’t really know what day of the week it is. Jus kidding, I know it’s Monday (as of this writing) and I’ll probably not post this until Tuesday. Ah well.


Battle Beyond the Stars – We watched this movie on one of the streaming platforms over the weekend and lo, what a cheesy kind of adventure! I’d never seen it before and I can see why. Still, it was interesting. The special effects were decent for the time. The acting was little, umm, late 70s/early 80s. The story was a space opera take of a western which was in turn a western take of a Japanese movie. Part of me thinks I should find that movie to compare. Anyhoo, it was one of James Cameron’s first gigs and led to his big break. (Or so I’ve read…)

Annihilation – Decidedly strange. I’ve seen it bundled with The Arrival but it was missing the smart twist that movie had. Still, I liked watching it and wondering what the hell was happening…

Fahrenheit 451 – This HBO movie was interesting. Now I need to read the book. I wonder if they simplified the source story and modernized it. I felt like it was missing something…

Bent – I will watching anything that has Karl Urban in it, hence watching this movie. I liked him in it. I liked Sofia Vergara in it. The story was pretty basic, the dialogue quite cheesy. I can see why it ended up straight to digital but if you like Karl Urban and you’ve got some time to kill, this one won’t damage those little gray cells too much.


Eureka – We’re doing a slow re-watch of this show as its now on Amazon Prime. We just finished the first season and it’s amazing how much of it I do NOT remember. I know I watched it but I must not have paid as much attention as I am doing now. It’s still a great show and I do miss it…

Pride and Prejudice – The 1995 adaptation starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth is my most favorite. It’s quite faithful to the book (which is also one of my favorites). It’s streaming on Hulu and the quality is rather gorgeous. I have this movie on blu-ray (having had it on VHS as well as regular DVD) but I love the convenience of watching it digitally. So glad it’s on Hulu and in such great quality…


“11:11” – Tyler Rich released an advanced track from his upcoming album. I’ve heard it a couple of times live. Another great song from Tyler. I hope we get his album before the end of the year. I want more songs to memorize!

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