TWITL – week thirty-one – back to school

The kids out this way started school this week. We had convocation on Tuesday, the day before the first day of school. It’s always fun seeing everyone in the school district in one place.

Convocation crowd

It was a busy week full of phone calls, parent visits, making appointments for my boss. Outside the skies were smokey from the fires burning in places far from us. I was grateful for the air conditioning and the workload.

Henry Cavill

My Henry Cavill thing continues. It’s very odd to suddenly have him be my fangirl focus yet here I am. He and Sully seem to fight over being the fellas in my stories and right now Henry is winning. Maybe it’s because he’s just so easy to imagine as different kinds of men.


Kim’s Convenience – We started watching this show on Netflix. It’s so funny! I love that it’s about an Asian family and that they’re Canadian. I’m enjoying it. It’s super weird to think the one who plays the father is actually a year younger than me. Oy!

Sharp Objects – We’re watching this mini-series because of Amy Adams. It’s dark and strange and intriguing. It’s not an easy watch but it’s so well done.


I’m currently trying to write a second chance story. The couple were together and break up and are in the maybe getting back together stage. I’m trying to figure out what would make them break up. It’s a misunderstanding of sorts but I don’t have anything specific yet…


I’m for cooler weather even though I know it won’t be here for a couple of months… I ordered another piece from 1888 Design because it was calling to me… The Crusaders won the Super Rugby championship! Loved being able to watch it and cheer on the boys. Now I must wait almost two weeks for The Rugby Championship…

Waiting for my latest piece from 1888 Design