TWITL – week thirty-eight – go get @TylerRichMusic’s EP!!! #TylerRich #MySpellBreaker


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So, how excited am I to have new, recorded tunes from Tyler? SO EXCITED!!! I’m pretty much all in with all his songs. I think they’re going to be favorites forever. I have the physical CD coming my way so I’m resisting on buying the digital version of the EP. Thank goodness I can stream it on Apple Music or Spotify! I did have to give in and buy the exclusive track at Amazon because it is a MUST HAVE. His cover of “Billie Jean” is awesome! He sounds so good singing that song, it’s a real showcase of his vocals. I love how stripped down it is. Reminds me of those G Bar shows. In fact, I think we probably heard him sing it live.

t-shirt and CD

Gearing up for National Novel Writing Month

You might think it’s a little too early to start thinking about November and the novel I want to write. You might be right. 50,000 words in 30 days has become my annual time of writing frenzy and it fills me with anticipation and excitement. I wish I could maintain that kind of madness other times of the year but alas, it’s usually slower going for me outside of November.

This year’s story started in my head a few months ago. Of course, the story is a romance, one of those second chances kinds of stories. The main fella is played by Henry Cavill because Henry Cavill plays a lot of my story men. He shares the honor with Sullivan Stapleton. I should make a chart to see which ones plays the most in my stories. Hmmm…

I made that chart!

I was curious, so I made a chart that I will not share here. But I’ll throw out some random stats out of the 25 stories I charted:

  • 10 – National Novel Writing Month novels
    • 3 – incomplete
    • 1 – Henry Cavill starring novel
    • 3 – Sullivan Stapleton starring novels (one incomplete)
  • 10 – incomplete or in progress stories
    • 2 – Henry starring stories
    • 3 – Simon Kassianides starring stories
    • 2 – Sully starring stories
  • 4 – short stories or novellas
  • 1 – novel not written during National Novel Writing Month

I didn’t add my sci-fi/fantasy novel to this list because the characters aren’t physically based on any particular people. This chart is pretty much my romance stories and the fellas who play in them. Henry is winning in appearances in my stories with six plus he’s likely going to be the one in my November novel this year. Sully is next with five stories. I thought I’d used him more than that.

And who are the other men who’ve appeared in my stories? I’m sure you’re wondering! They are: Jensen Ackles, George Eads, Joe Manganiello, Ed Quinn, Philip Winchester, Taylor Kitsch, Sam Hunt, BT Urruela. Jensen played in two stories and the rest were one-offs. I’m still working on the one starring Sam, which is my only “trilogy.”

I’d like to turn those incomplete and in progress stories into completed stories someday though I’ll have to be in a particular mood to focus my stories on certain fellas. One of these days?