TWITL – week thirty-nine – the Brentwood Library is open!

We went to the grand opening of our library this weekend. I’ve always had a fascination with libraries and the thought of one in walking distance is just awesome to me. We listened to the speakers and were there for the ribbon cutting (but we couldn’t see it from out vantage point). It was great to be there!

the library opening in Brentwood

I love how open it is and all the natural light. It’s welcoming and just so lovely. I look forward to spending countless hours there. I might even write some of my next National Novel Writing Month novel there. How awesome would that be? So awesome!


I’ve begun prepping my November novel. It’s my joy. Yes, the thought of writing 1667 words a day for a whole month fills me with giddy anticipation. And I plan on writing more than 50,000 words because I’ve done it more than once in the last few years. Hopefully the story I’m planning can get to 60,000 words at least. Fingers crossed!

This year’s novel will be a romance (surprise! not) of the second chance variety. I’m even throwing in temporary amnesia. Fun times! I thought I had the male character’s name set but then I got stuck on another so I posted a poll on my twitter and the original name won! I’m going to use the other name as a last name. Maybe. We shall see.

I might do a pre-story, something not set in the story’s timeline, just to get a feel for the characters and their motivations. I haven’t figured out what the male character does for a living but the female character is a doctor. Henry Cavill plays the fella in this one. It’s his turn. Sully won’t make an appearance (as far as I know) but one of my other Listworthy will play a part…