TWITL – week fifty – living in corn country

The Liberty High School Lions football team won! The Lions defeated Sierra Canyon 19-17 Saturday night, Dec. 15 to capture the 2018 CIF State Football Championship Division 1A title in Norwalk, CA. The game was on tv and we watched it at our friends’ house. The commentators kept calling Brentwood “corn country.” Yes, we have awesome corn here but we do have other things going for us here. Oy!

Cooper is wondering who the strange lady is...

I wore my Liberty staff shirt (thank you, LHS!) while holding the baby called Cooper. He’s a sweetheart! I even gave him his bottle. I enjoyed my time with him very much. Not sure if he’d say the same about me but since he mostly slept and ate, he was probably all right with me.

City Park

The weather has been cooling towards winter temperatures, which I am just loving! I love being able to wear sweaters and coats. We took a walk in the park the other night to check out the Christmas trees. So pretty.

I had a whole other post ready about my Apple Watch but I’ll save that for another post, I think.